Excellent K-12 Education

Providing a balanced education affording the intellectual, physical, emotional and social growth of all students.

International Curriculum

Bringing together the best of East and West in our teaching and learning, adhering to IB curriculum standards.

Leading Language School

We offer 5 language learning pathways for students aged 2 to 18.

A Home for 2200 Students

A wonderful environment for learning and personal development for your children as they journey through the best years of their lives.

Age Range from 2 to 18

Entering at 2 years of age, and leaving at 18, your children will blossom through their 16 years at the exceptional school.

Boarding House for 500 Students

ISA Science City is an exemplary contemporary boarding facility within the Greater Bay Area, and one of the most unique across Asia.

Resilience and Growth Mindset

The past few years have tested our ability to overcome the most serious of challenges. As a society, we have worked together to solve the scientific and health-related problems a worldwide pandemic brings; as individuals, we have worked to overcome fear, anxiety and feelings of isolation.

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Data-driven Improvement

At ISASC we aspire to provide an excellent education for our learners as leaders of international education. Let us break down what this means and how we are providing this. Education is defined as generating a permanent change in how we do something or in what we know. What we would like to regard as…

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Welcome Back: Our Revitalized Campus

The month of April 2022 was a special month for all Guangzhou residents. As a result of the epidemic, the city government, the Education Bureau, and the epidemic prevention department decided to suspend offline teaching from 11 April until this week, when it was resumed in full. While we watched the city effectively stop the…

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STEM: An Essential Learning Experience

People often think that STEM education is only education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Although I guess in most cases, it does make sense. However, STEM education is an interdisciplinary, experience-based approach used to explore the process of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Students learn academic concepts in the real-world context.

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Embracing Change: Online Learning at ISASC

A true identity of a school is not only evident when things are great. More importantly, the qualities of a school and the strength of its’ community is best shown during a time of challenge. The students, parents and staff of ISA Science City have done an exceptional job this past week, as we rapidly…

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Spring Recommended Readings

As the April holidays draw nigh, what better way to enjoy the cool weather than in the company of good books. At ISA Science City, we inculcate literary appreciation through constant connections with students’ interests and curiosities. With consistent active engagements in meaningful literacy experiences, students develop positive reading habits and stamina. We have compiled…

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