Scholarship Application Pack 2022


  • Introduction

ISA Science City International School is committed to recognizing and supporting students’ excellence. Coupled with holistic extracurricular enrichment, our rigorous and academically stimulating International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes will enable students to view the world from different perspectives examine various points of view and see themselves as part of our changing world community.


ISA Science City offers tuition scholarships (reviewed annually), for students who display outstanding ability and attitude across a range of disciplines. These disciplines cover excellence in academics, arts, sports, community service as well as entrepreneurship.


The ISA Science City Scholarships:

  • are offered to reward and encourage excellence
  • recognise outstanding achievement or promise in the disciplines identified
  • provide partial cover of the annual tuition fee
  • will provide scholars with regular opportunities for prominence and leadership within their given specialism


  • Application Criteria

Suitably qualified students from the below key areas, with demonstrated outstanding ability, are encouraged to apply:

  • Academic excellence
  • Arts: Visual, Music and/or Drama
  • Sports
  • Community Service
  • Entrepreneurship


Applicants enrolling for the academic year 2022-2023 must first meet the established enrolment eligibility criteria for entry into the school, prior to being considered for any scholarship. After careful review of applications, short-listed candidates will be invited for a final interview with the scholarship committee. In addition to excellence in their specific filed or talent, students will be selected on the basis of their potential to role model and make positive influence on others.


Please carefully review the scholarship pack, which includes the application form.


  • Scholarship Guidelines


Academic Scholarships

  • Full report from candidate’s present and past schools
  • Achievement in academic competitions
  • Interview


Arts Scholarships

  • In Grade 6 or higher (musical level)
  • Proven membership in an orchestra/ ensemble
  • Proven performance record
  • Audition
  • Interview


Sport Scholarships

  • Significant sporting ability in one or more sports
  • Local and/or national representational honours
  • Interview


Community Service / Entrepreneurship

  • Evidence of leading programmes or successfully launching a business
  • Interview


  • Application Procedure

Candidates should complete the following process

  • Complete the online admissions process for entry to ISA Science City and settle the payment of application fee (non-refundable)
  • Complete the scholarship application form, contained within this pack
  • Prepare supporting documentary evidence (pdf)
  • Complete the required essay, written by the student
  • Submit the scholarship application via email, no later than the due date


All applications must be received no later than 5pm, Tuesday 12th April 2022.



Applications are to be sent via email, to the following  address:


Short-listed candidates will be notified no later than 5pm Tuesday 19th April, 2022.


Key Dates

  • Application deadline: No later than 5pm, Tuesday 12th April, 2022
  • Invitation sent to short-listed candidates: Tuesday 19th April, 2022
  • Interviews with scholarship committee: Commencing from Monday 25th April, 2022
  • Final announcement of scholarship award recipients: Monday 16th May, 2022


  • Scholarship Application Form


Application Form

This form is important and helps the Scholarship Committee learn more about the applicant. We appreciate thoughtful responses, and encourage the student to take time to best represent the candidate as a person and why he/she deserves a scholarship.


End-of-Year Results

Outstanding performance in the specific area is only part of the criteria. For all applicants, academic success is an important component of being a member of the school. Please provide results of either your end-of-year or interim reports (whichever is most recent). However, if you have not received them yet, please submit results from the previous year.


The Essay

The written component in the process will allow expression of views on issues that the candidate is passionate about or have academic thought over. While the format is entirely up to the candidate, the length of the essay must be restricted to one A4 sheet, double-sided, double-spaced, 12 point font size.

Responses must be in English.


Supporting Documents

A maximum of three pages of additional information, certificates or testimonials will be accepted. For students applying for scholarships in the Arts or Sport, a portfolio of results, press clippings and/or video evidence may be submitted. Please clearly label all supporting application items with candidate name. These will be returned, if requested.


Closing Date

Closing date of applications is 5pm, Tuesday 12th April, 2022



Please submit this application form, essay, supporting documents (if any) and report progress results as soft copies via email to


Please click the button below to view and download the Scholarship Application Pack 2022, including the attached Scholarship Application Form.