Arts education is a significant component of the child’s education at ISA Science City. It is through the arts that we understand culture, whilst developing our creativity. For ISA Science City, our Arts programme fully utilizes the exceptional facilities of our school, to provide all students with opportunities to explore, discover and develop their creative capacities through the Arts.

Our Arts programme is divided into two key areas:

1. Within the curriculum

2. Outside the curriculum

Within the curriculum, all students will undertake a formal study of three main Arts domains. These include Visual Arts, Drama and Music. The exploration of the Arts and the programme within the school day, begins in our ECLC and continues through Secondary School.

From ECLC through to Grade 8, all students undertake study in all three Arts domains. From Grade 9, students will be required to choose a specialty area, which will enable them to become far more focused on one specific arts domain, within the curriculum.

Outside the curriculum, our extensive co-curricular programme provides all students with unlimited possibilities for the development of the artistic talents.