Leadership Team

David Edwards

Head of School

David commenced as Head of School at ISA Science City International School in October 2019. Previously, he directed the St. Kilda Road Campus of Wesley College in Australia, the oldest and largest campus, overseeing over 1600 students and nearly 600 employees. IB World School Wesley College has been around for 153 years and is Australia’s top coeducational school. Formerly, David served as Founding Principal and CEO of GEMS World Academy (Singapore), voted the top international school in Singapore in 2017. GEMS Education operates more than 90 schools in 14 countries and is the world’s largest kindergarten to 12th grade school operator. In 2017, he was named one of the top 100 CEOs in Asia.

Connie Chan

Early Years Principal

ISA Science City’s Early Years Principal, Connie, is one of its founding members. Having worked in the field of early childhood education for more than 30 years, she is an expert in the field. As well as her native Canada, Connie has worked in international schools in southeast Asia, including Hong Kong and Singapore. Before joining ISASC, Connie spent 14 years working as an Early Years Coordinator at an IB World School in Guangzhou. During her tenure there, she played a key role in the IB accreditation process. Connie graduated with an honours degree in Bachelor of Applied Science in Child Studies, concentrating on Early Childhood Education from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. She is listed in the public registry of the College of Early Childhood Educators in Canada as a certified early childhood educator. To upgrade her skills in the Primary Years Programme, Connie attends IB workshops. A true advocate of Reggio Emelia’s world-renowned approach to early childhood, she believes in holistic development and child-centric philosophies. As a founding principal at ISA Science City, she is always eager to welcome parents to visit our Early Childhood Learning Centre (ECLC).

Brenda Martin

Primary Principal

Brenda is the founding principal of Primary Years at ISA Science City International School. A seasoned educator with more than 30 years of experience, she has led a variety of schools to success. She has worked in New Zealand and the United Kingdom in positions ranging from Head of Department, Deputy Head of School, and Principal. She earned a Master of Educational Leadership degree from Auckland University, New Zealand. Brenda’s recent accreditation in coaching from Growth Coaching International illustrates her commitment to lifelong learning. Additionally, Brendan holds a Diploma in the Education of Students With Special Needs, a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education. Growing people has always been something she has been passionate about. Education, in her opinion, is the key to making this happen. In her career, and particularly as an educational leader, she has worked tirelessly to create positive, respectful, and inclusive learning environments, with a focus on student success. She believes that supportive relationships and effective communication within a school facilitate partnerships within the community.

Steven Pass

Secondary Principal

Having worked in China for seven years, Steven brings more than 30 years of education experience to our school. Throughout his career, he has worked at institutions in the UK, New Zealand, Qatar, and China. Steven has previously served as a foreign language teacher, head of a language department, national secondary strategy manager, deputy head, director of studies, and principal. Steven has led Secondary Schools that offer MYP, IGCSE, and DP programmes. In the last two years, he achieved IB DP results that easily exceeded the world and Chinese averages. This has allowed students to attend some of the top 50 universities in the world.

Garry James

Head of Boarding

Garry is a founding member of ISA Science City. Having held a variety of senior boarding positions in leading boarding schools in England, he has a wide range of experience with boarding. He recently served as Founding Head of Boarding at a premium international school in the United Arab Emirates. Along with his expertise in boarding, he is also a passionate teacher of Physical Health Education and coach.


Tina Lin

Head of Operations

Tina previously served as the founding Deputy Head of ISA Tianhe. With more than 20 years of experience, Tina served in senior teaching and management positions in a variety of international schools in Guangzhou. Formally, Tina served as Head of Administration at UISG and General Principal of International Education Department of BestStudy Education Group.


Tracy Cui

Admissions Manager

Tracy Cui is the Admissions Manager at ISA Science City International School. For the past five years she has worked in international education. Tracy served as the Marketing Assistant Manager for the school and was involved with marketing and project development within the ISA International Education Group before she took on this role in 2020. Before joining ISA, Tracy worked for the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong in a marketing and communications role, and as a result, has developed advanced interpersonal skills and the ability to interact with people of all levels. Her academic background includes a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Business English. She is also a PMP (Project Management Professional) certified by the US-based Project Management Institute. Tracy assists parents with the admissions process, ensuring a positive, straightforward and engaging experience, ensuring high-quality communication, and gaining a full understanding of each family’s needs and interests throughout the ‘Parent Experience Journey’. Tracy believes that establishing positive and trusting relationships between schools and families plays an essential role in a student’s development during school.

Phoebe Zou

HR Manager

Phoebe has been working in international education for 10 years. Prior to working in international education, she worked for four years in the accounting and human resource departments of an ASUS company in Australia. She holds a Master of Accounting degree and is also a certified Australian CPA. Phoebe believes that people are the biggest assets of the school and she is striving towards providing the best HR services to achieve the school’s vision and mission.

Simon Tan

Head of Information Technology

Simon has been working in international schools for almost 13 years. Prior to joining ISA Science City, he worked for BASIS International School Guangzhou as the IT founder. His work in the school sector has included smart campus operations planning and implementation, construction of school networks, management of student information systems, and integration of electronic teaching. Simon holds a Master’s degree from South China University of Technology and is a PMP (Project Management Professional) certified by the Project Management Institute. His view is that the best international education is the perfect fusion of Eastern and Western cultures.

Education Team

Felipe Giraldo

Homeroom Teacher

Felipe was born in Colombia and speaks Spanish, English, and Russian fluently. As a child, he was exposed to a wide variety of cultures, which he believes is useful when working abroad. As a teacher, he strives to provide engaging, fun, and inclusive lessons that motivate students. In addition to art, music, drama, dance, and storytelling, he believes these help children find personal meaning at school. In 2005, Felipe earned his master’s degree in Psychology from Saint-Petersburg State University and then pursued a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Nottingham after discovering his passion for teaching. He has been teaching for fifteen years. He has six years’ experience teaching primary-aged children and nine years’ experience working as an early childhood educator. Besides China, he has worked in South Korea, Colombia, England, and Thailand. He loves living and traveling in China, and spends his free time with his wife and two dogs. He is also an avid reader, particularly of classic novels. His hobbies include videogames, riding bikes, and swimming.

Magda Johnson

Homeroom Teacher

Magda joined the founding team at ISA International Science City as an Early Years Homeroom Teacher. She is very enthusiastic about teaching EY1, our youngest learners, and believes that child-centered play-based learning is the best method of early childhood education. She began her international teaching journey as a boarding parent at an international school in Tanzania with her husband, who is an experienced IB Diploma Coordinator. For the past 10 years, Magda has worked in IB international schools in England, Norway, and Malawi. Her previous employment included working as an early years teacher and an administrator at a French international kindergarten in Guangzhou. Magda received her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education from the Lodz University of Humanities and Economics, Poland, with subspecialisms in Visual Arts, Music, EAL, Child Psychology, Mathematics, and Special Ed. Magda is also a certified TEFL teacher. As a mother of three girls ages 4, 12 and 14, she knows what pressures come with parenting and working. She is eager to help all children grow and succeed.

Michelle He

EY Chinese Teacher

Michelle teaches Chinese at the Early Years and Primary School at ISA Science City International School. Before joining ISASC, she worked nearly five years as an Early Year Chinese Co-teacher in international schools. Michelle is committed to lifelong learning and has participated in professional development workshops both within and outside of her previous school. She recently graduated from a master’s program in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language at the UniversityComillas in Madrid, Spain. By providing a warm, caring, and inspiring environment, Michelle hopes to inspire children to explore, to think, to speak, and to question in order to reach their full potential in Mandarin and nurture them as lifelong learners. She is passionate about teaching Mandarin. To Michelle, learning Mandarin is more than just a language. Our students can also take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the culture of China and the host country.

Raewyn Tattersall

Homeroom Teacher

Raewyn joined ISA Science City’s founding team as an Early Years Homeroom Teacher. She is originally from Auckland, New Zealand, and has lived in Brisbane, Queensland. As an educator, she spent many years teaching early childhood in New Zealand, Australia, and Beijing. She also taught primary school in Australia and Myanmar for ten years. Raewyn is an experienced early childhood teacher with a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) from New Zealand. Having observed how students work with joy, wonder, and enthusiasm in early childhood environments, she has chosen to teach in this setting. Through a mix of intentional teaching, inquiry-based learning, hands-on, open-ended, engaging activities, in an environment designed to motivate children to discover, explore, and learn, she hopes to encourage children to become confident, capable learners. As Raewyn believes, to develop and learn, children must build respectful, reciprocal, and trustworthy relationships. In addition to teaching, she hopes to immerse herself in Chinese culture in Guangzhou.

Rimma Fatkhutdinova

Homeroom Teacher

Rimma is an Early Years team member and a founding member. Having spent most of her life teaching, she has a great passion for the profession. Her view of students is that they are individuals with unique personalities and learning styles. Those values, along with patience and integrity in the classroom, continue to guide her today. She has taught in various countries and institutions since 1996. She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in education and is pursuing a second master’s degree in education (TESOL) at the University of North Dakota, USA. Born in Russia, she taught in Turkey before moving to China with her family. She has taught kindergarten and primary classes at an IB school. Her experiences have enabled her to learn Turkish and Mandarin, which she now speaks along with English, Russian, and Tatar. She has two children aged 10 and 16. Rimma is constantly inspired by her students’ positive energy, and she looks forward to watching them grow academically and personally.

Sue Sapoan

Homeroom Teacher

Sue is from Singapore and has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education in Teaching from Federation University (Australia), an Advanced Diploma in Leadership and International Studies from Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore), and a BA in History from the University of Cambridge (UK). Having worked locally and internationally as a teacher and administrator, she has more than 23 years of experience in early childhood education. In her capacity as coordinator of the EY IBPYP programme, she assisted two schools in gaining authorization for IBPYP. Sue’s passion for travel helps broaden her perspective on life, as she learns about new cultures and places when she travels. Her belief is that travel contributes to mental health, spiritual advancement, and personal growth. Sue looks forward to learning more and collaborating with the diverse community at ISA Science City.

Cheryl Xie

Teaching Assistant

Cheryl joined the founding team of ISA Science City as an Early Years Teaching Assistant. She began her career as an Early Childhood Educator in Toronto public primary schools. With many years of experience working with different age groups across Toronto District School Board and early care settings, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Cheryl is passionate about working with older children during this phase of their development when they are more intellectually capable and capable of understanding more abstract concepts. Cheryl is grateful for the opportunity to assist children’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development through services.

Lanny Chen

Teaching Assistant

Lanny is a founding member of ISA Science City who joined the team as a Teaching Assistant for Early Years. She has been working in early childhood education since 2013. While working in a Guangxi Province nursery school, she discovered her love for children. Six years ago, Lanny graduated with the National Certificate of Nursery Governess. During the same period, she passed the Test of Proficiency for Korean level 1-2. The first job Lanny had was working in a Korean preschool in Guangzhou for a year. During her time there, Lanny assisted Korean teachers with daily teaching, and she was a crucial link between families and the school. Lanny also worked as a kindergarten assistant at ISA Tianhe. During her time at the school, she assisted the teachers by providing support to Korean students throughout Early Years. She is currently studying Chinese Language and Literature at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies to improve her knowledge in this field.

Maggie Pan

Teaching Assistant

Maggie joins the founding team at ISA Science City as an early years teaching assistant. In EY2, she works closely with the homeroom teacher, offering support and assistance as well as engaging with our younger students and introducing them to the IB PYP. Maggie also works with parents to maintain a safe and stimulating learning environment for their child. Maggie earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s in early childhood education from Monash University in Australia. She taught in kindergartens, early care centers, and primary schools in Melbourne as a certified Early Childhood Educator. She is dedicated to providing children with play-based education that is constructed around their interests and needs. Maggie believes that each child has a unique personality, prior learning experience, and preferred learning style. As a Teaching Assistant, she will do her best to support her homeroom teacher in facilitating differentiated learning to help challenge and support children’s learning. She wishes to witness children’s growth and development and to make a positive impact on them as they grow up.

Thea Tan

Teaching Assistant

Thea joined the ISA Science City team as a teaching assistant for early years. While in this position, she supports the homeroom teacher and serves as a positive role model for four- and five-year-old students. Thea recently graduated from a preschool education programme and is completing her studies to become a preschool international education teacher. In the past, she worked as a Teaching Assistant in an English education institution in Guangzhou and in an international kindergarten in Foshan. She is exploring Korean lessons to support the Korean families at our school.

Theresa Yang

Teaching Assistant

Theresa graduated from De La Salle University in the Philippines with a Master’s degree in Information Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science in Florence, Italy. She also studied Special Education at East China Normal University in Shanghai. Through these experiences, she learned English and Italian. Since 2000, she has worked as a library assistant at several IB international schools in Beijing and Shanghai. In addition to her multicultural experiences, Theresa has a diverse educational background.

Annie Chew

PYP Curriculum Coordinator

Annie is the PYP coordinator at ISA Science City International School. Her native country is Malaysia and she is fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin, and several dialects, including Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka, and some Russian. Annie holds a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instructional Design. Annie began her IB PYP journey at Kazakhstan International School, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 15 years ago. In 2011, she became a PYP Coordinator at a bilingual international school in Beijing. She assisted two schools in obtaining IB PYP authorizations. Anne is a certified International Baccalaureate Educators (IBEN) school consultant, school visiting team leader, and IB PYP workshop leader.

Adam Lajoy

Homeroom Teacher 

Adam joins ISA Science City International School as a Primary Years Homeroom teacher. Most recently, he was a Grade 4 Homeroom teacher at an International school in Malaysia, where he worked for three years. Here, Adam developed a passion for outdoor learning and culturally responsive teaching. He enjoyed building school community through science festivals, Buddy Classes and as the Junior and Senior Badminton Coach. Adam also has teaching experience in Turkey, South Korea and Italy. He has worked with students aged 5 – 18. He believes that each student has talents and abilities that should be developed through choice and variety in learning tasks. Adam studied for five years at the University of Windsor where he completed a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Education. He continues to develop professionally through online learning. In 2020, Adam has completed courses in Experiential Outdoor Education, Adapting Curriculum for Second Language Learners, and Teaching Students with Communication Needs. Teaching and learning are both passions for Adam that he hopes to share with his students. Adam is excited to be a part of the founding team at ISA Science City.

Alec Riley

Homeroom Teacher

Mr. Alec Riley is a passionate and experienced international educator and leader with over 15 years of experience from the UK, Thailand and China. Alec began his career in education by embarking on a degree in Education Studies from St Mary’s College, part of the University of Surrey, in London. Following his graduation, Alec taught in Bangkok, Thailand for almost nine years in a bilingual learning setting before returning to the United Kingdom to teach in a local primary school. In January of 2018, Alec and his family relocated to Asia once again to live and work in Chengdu, Sichuan province where he taught for three and a half years before joining the team here at ISA Science City. Alec’s teaching philosophy revolves around creating learning experiences which are both enjoyable and relevant for his learners. He believes that children learn best when they are invested in their learning and having fun with it. He also aims to instill in his learners a love of reading and books which he believes is essential in unlocking all other aspects of a child’s education. Alec also enjoys using educational technology to enhance his learner’s education and build technological literacy.

Andrew Davidson

Homeroom Teacher

Andrew graduated from University College, London in 2000 and after working in finance for several years decided to retrain as a teacher, completing his Post Graduate Degree in Education from Middlesex University, London in 2010. He has been a primary years homeroom teacher ever since and has worked at some of London’s most prestigious private schools, including Hampstead Hill School and City of London School for Girls. He started his International Baccalaureate journey five years ago, when he joined the Primary Years team of an IB school in Kunming. Andrew has completed many IB training courses and workshops and strongly believes in the strength of the IB’s holistic approach to education. He joins ISA Science City having been a Grade 3 homeroom teacher at his previous school and also having recently held the position of PY Literacy Coordinator. Andrew has a particular passion for promoting reading in the classroom, agreeing with Barack Obama’s words that “Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible”. In his free time Andrew particularly enjoys travelling to different cities and provinces in China in order to explore and appreciate this hugely diverse and ancient country.

Avdoo Nichkawde

Homeroom Teacher

Avdoo is a Primary Years Homeroom Teacher at ISA Science City International School. He has experience working in Australia, China, and South Korea. Before coming to ISASC, Avdoo was the Year 4 PYP Teacher at Utahloy International School, Zengcheng. His experience in both China and Korea has ensured that Avdoo values the importance of language learning and particularly mother-tongue development. Allowing students access to their mother tongue enables them to make connections to any new language. It also aids connections to the values and cultures of others. Avdoo graduated from Macquarie University in Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts with the degree of Bachelor of Education (Primary). He is currently studying a Master of Education in Advanced Teaching Degree from the University of the People. Avdoo is a passionate sports lover and will encourage all students to get involved. Avdoo values a holistic approach to teaching and learning, which is reflected in the learning experiences of his students. The basis of Avdoo’s practice is to ensure that all students feel safe and comfortable in the classroom environment. Once this is achieved, he is able to focus on the academic, physical, social, and emotional aspects of his students.

Angelica Lu

Homeroom Teacher

Angelica teaches grade 1 at ISA Science City. She studied in Singapore and achieved her teaching qualification in Beijing after graduating from Jiaotong University in Xi’an. Her passion for teaching and desire to explore new and interesting places led Angelica to pursue a career in international education. She has taught in Asia for over 15 years. During these years, she has taught English as an additional language and served as a homeroom teacher to students from primary to secondary school. Having taught at Korea International School in Seoul for two years, she moved to Thailand to teach at The British International School in Phuket and at Saint Andrews International School in Bangkok for six years. Her next professional experience was at the British International School of Guangzhou followed by four years at ISA Tianhe.

Jacob van Dyk

Homeroom Teacher

Jacob is a founding member of ISA Science City where he works as a Primary Years homeroom teacher. Jacob is originally from South Africa; however, he has spent 12 years living and teaching in South Korea before moving to China. Jacob moved to China with his wife and two young boys. He graduated in 2005 with a BA in Psychology and Sport Science from the North-West University. In 2013, Jacob returned to South Africa to pursue his PGCE qualification and he graduated with Honours in 2014. He then returned to South Korea to continue teaching. Jacob believes in being a life-long learner and continued studying after returning to South Korea. He studied towards his Master’s in Education with a focus on International Education at the University of Bath and graduated in 2019. Jacob’s educational philosophy is based on “The Circle of Courage” which is based on the four universal human needs – Belonging, Mastery, Independence, and Generosity. This philosophy closely mirrors the principles of the IB programme and by incorporating these four principles in his classroom, one can have an effective learning environment. Jacob wants his classroom to be a space where students feel safe to make mistakes and where they take ownership of their learning. He will always be there to guide them and give them all the resources and assistance they need to succeed.

Kyle Wong

Homeroom Teacher

Kyle is a Primary Years Homeroom Teacher at ISA Science City International School, working in Grade 4. This will be his seventh year teaching. Before ISA, he taught in America and China, with his last position teaching at an International school in Wuxi. Kyle graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. He has collaborated with other educators all across the world continually sharing ideas about teaching and learning and taking his wealth of knowledge to form best teaching practices to meet the academic and social emotional needs of his students. He is passionate about building resilient learning communities based on academic rigor and mutual respect, knowing that learners can always achieve more in a team. He greatly values the importance of stories and how they can connect us all together and inspire us to become better people. He is excited about being a member of the ISA family and cultivate a culture of excellence. He is passionate about self-improvement and encourages all students to set goals to improve.

Michael Knott

Homeroom Teacher

Michael is a Primary Years Homeroom Teacher at ISA Science City International School, working in Grade 5. He was born and raised in New Zealand where he acquired a Bachelor of Art in History, Psychology and Educational Psychology, a Post-graduate Degree in Primary Years Teaching and a Post-graduate Certificate in Antarctic Science. He has been teaching overseas for over six years. Michael has spent half a year teaching in rural India, two years teaching in primary schools in South Korea, four years teaching in Beijing and one year in Shenzhen. One of Michael’s amazing experiences was spending a month studying and living with scientists in Antarctica. He enjoys bringing what he learned living in Antarctica into the classroom and using his experiences to educate his students about scientific practices and climate change. Michael believes that Grade 5 is an important for students to prepare for the transition from Primary School to Secondary School. He sees his role as supporting students to achieve their very best, in close collaboration with the teaching staff and parents.

Spomenka Dakovic

Homeroom Teacher

Spomenka is a founding member of the ISA Science City team, where she teaches homeroom in the primary years. Spomenka holds a Bachelor of Education, a Master of Education in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and a Master of Education in Leadership and Administration from Australian universities. Her teaching experience includes primary and secondary schools in Australia, Europe, and China, namely Xi’an and Suzhou. As a result of her experience working with students, she has learned the importance of differentiation and inclusion. She sees her role as a facilitator of learning and well-being as creating an environment that values students and facilitates inquiry. Her teaching experience has been diverse, but she is most passionate about the IB Primary Years Program, and has just recently guided her students through the IB PYP Exhibition. ​

Sylvetta Edwards

Homeroom Teacher

Sylvetta is an American-born teacher with more than 15 years of teaching experience. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Education from Cleveland State University. The first nine years of her career were spent teaching English as a Second Language in Maryland, USA. After that, she taught for two years in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Her first international teaching experience was in Chengdu, China, where she spent four years. In August 2021, Sylvetta began her first year at ISA Science City.

Alex Lu

Chinese Language Teacher

Alex joins ISA Science City with more than 20 years experience in Chinese language teaching. Alex worked at an international school in Hangzhou, Zhejiang as the head teacher and leader of the language preparation team before joining ISA Science City. Prior to that, she served as a Chinese teacher and HSK examiner at the Royal University of Phnom Penh, George Washington Elementary School and other schools in the United States, Myanmar, and Cambodia as a government-sponsored teacher. She has developed and maintained good relationships with the schools, colleagues, and parents she has worked for in the past. Alex is a teacher who is willing to devote love to the growth of children. She loves every child she teaches and has been loved by students since she began teaching. Among Alex’s qualifications are Chinese, English, bilingual, and cross-cultural coursework. Her undergraduate and master’s degrees are both in Chinese International Education, and she holds the China International Chinese Teacher Qualification Certificate and the Tennessee Chinese Teacher Qualification Certificate. She is also actively involved in the IB teacher training program and has extensive experience teaching and organizing cultural activities at the elementary, middle and university levels.

Catcher Deng

Chinese Language Teacher

Catcher has taught in international schools for more than eight years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Sichuan International Studies University. Likewise, she also earned IB related certificates, a teaching certificate, a Mandarin certificate, a PM reading teaching certificate, an Apple teacher certificate, and a child protection course certificate. She guided students to excel in various competitions including calligraphy, essay writing, and internal class competitions. Moreover, she excels at inquiry-based teaching, participated in the IB International Certification interview sessions, and contributed to developing the school’s Chinese language curriculum framework.

Julie-Anne Tuicakau

EAL Teacher

Julie-Anne has been teaching primary school students for 18 years and has taught in Brisbane, her hometown in Australia, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou. Julie-Anne received her International English Teacher License and Certificate IV in TESOL in 2016. This allowed her to pursue her dream of teaching English overseas. She completed a Master of Teaching (Primary) at Queensland University of Technology in 2001, and began her career as a primary teacher. She taught English in a local school in Hong Kong (2016-2018) where students spoke Cantonese as a first language. While serving as a School Sports Coordinator, she has coached and managed school teams at the district and state levels. She has taught at a remote village school in Fiji, an English program at Macao University, and ‘Beginner’s English’ lessons to adult refugees in Hong Kong. Currently, she is supporting disabled abandoned children at Qingyuan Social Welfare Institute and visits elderly patients.

Aisha Perez

Visual Arts Teacher

Aisha is a Visual Arts Specialist with over 11 years of experience in education. A personal passion of hers is “Total Learning”, an approach to teaching that focuses on the whole child. She believes that each child is capable of expressing their creativity through art in a way that is unique to them. She holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Her undergraduate degrees include those in Art Education, Studio Art, and Fashion Design & Merchandising. Additionally, she is a certified teacher of ESOL, Gifted and Talented, Special Needs, and Art Therapy. Aisha has a fashion design background and is proud of her accomplishments in the industry, which include working as a fashion consultant for “American Idol” winner Ruben Studdard, competing on television shows including “Project Runway” and having her own clothing line. As an art educator in the United States, Aisha was nominated for a “Teacher of the Year” award by her district and chosen as an exceptional teacher by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She served as the Head of Specialist Department and Lead Art Teacher at Abu Dhabi schools before becoming the Art Curriculum Coordinator for the PYP and IB programs in China.

Debika S Chattopadhyay

PSPE Teacher

Debika has over 17 years of experience teaching PE at the PYP and MYP level, coordinating after-school activities, and leading classes. She has coached volleyball, badminton, soccer, kickball, cross country, and cricket in different international schools and assisted teams to win championships. Debika is also a certified ACC level-I cricket coach with Cricket Australia. Her master’s degree in Health & Physical Education was earned from one of India’s most prestigious schools of physical education (LNUPE). Currently she is pursuing her international teaching license from the USA. Throughout her life, she has always wanted to associate healthy living with fun and physical activities. Debika has developed her passion for PE through working with children and teaching them lifelong sport skills.

Humera Jozi

PYP science /mathematics Specialist

Dr. Humera Jozi has joined ISA Science City as a PYP science/mathematics specialist. Her experience includes teaching at schools such as BASIS Shenzhen, Devon Public School (Canada), OCAC, Embassy College Beijing, and Atlantic Academy Scarborough (Canada). Dr. Jozi earned a Ph.D. degree in Food Science and Nutritional Engineering at China Agricultural University Beijing, China. Following the completion of her PhD, she worked as a foreign expert at the China Agricultural University. The ISA values of one team, one dream, are very important to her and she values creating an environment that offers her colleagues, students, and colleagues alike opportunities for exchange of diverse perspectives in an atmosphere of compassion and respect, both inside and outside the classroom. As a compassionate and caring educator, Dr. Jozi aspires for all students to be successful learners and strives to create an environment that stimulates, encourages, and adapts to the different needs of every student. As the mother of two adult children, she appreciates and understands the challenges faced by students. She is passionate about experiential learning and is experienced with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). She enjoys cooking, traveling, and learning about the cultures of different people around the world.

Ivana Lacmanovic

EAL Teacher

After recently serving as an English Teacher at the Affiliated Foreign Language School of South China Normal University, Ivana joins ISA Science City. Ivana completed her Master’s degree from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, Serbia, and her Bachelor’s degree from Montana Tech University of Montana, USA. She has three years of experience teaching English Language in Primary Education in China. She began her teaching career at university, helping colleagues improve their English language skills which led to her developing a love for the language and teaching. She believes each student should feel comfortable and confident in their learning environment and that educational strategies should be used in and out of the classroom to foster both global understanding and a sense of cultural identity for each individual student.

Ada Li

Teaching Assistant

Ada serves as a teaching assistant at ISA Science City International School, where she works with primary students. Before joining ISA Science City, she had worked as a teaching assistant in a different international school for more than 7 years. Ada has obtained the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test Certificate, Chinese and English bilingual teaching certificates, and has always been passionate about teaching languages and cultures. Her experience includes both working in American and British schools. Because of these rich experiences, she became familiar with the education system and teaching methods in international schools. Ada enjoys working in education, and she believes that teachers can make a profound difference in students’ lives, and she has always served as a role model for students. Ada believes that both teachers and students should become life-long learners to become well-rounded global citizens so that we can explore and experience this world.

Aimee Huang

Teaching Assistant

Aimee is a teaching assistant at ISA Science City International School, working in Grade 2. She graduated from Shaoguan University with a BA degree in Education. During her college years, she immersed herself in the education sector in various roles; a voluntary teacher, teaching assistant, and tutor. She has worked in the education industry for more than two years, mainly teaching Early and Primary Years students English. Aimee is passionate about teaching. She feels a sense of fulfillment with working in education. She enjoys spending time with students, seeing them progress and enjoys sharing moments of surprise with them. Every child is unique; each has talent. At ISA Science City, Aimee is excited about discovering and nurturing students’ talents. Aimee believes life-long learning is essential to happiness. She models this in her own life.

Ana Fan

Teaching Assistant

Ana Warne is a Primary Years Teaching Assistant at ISA Science City International School. Holding qualifications in English Education and Preschool Education, she has held a number of different teaching roles within the classroom over the last 7 years, which has given her a unique perspective on classroom leadership and the growth development of all her students. Ana believes in reconciling the fine balance between individual student responsibility and the stable mentorship provided by the teaching assistant. She believes tending to the student’s emotional and social development, whilst being attentive to the learning objectives set forth by the foreign teacher is the key to establishing a fluid classroom dynamic, whereby all students and faculty can function happily and productively. Ana has interests in the arts, film and music and enjoys building real personal relationships with the students, so that they feel safe enough to express themselves wholeheartedly through whatever medium they may be exploring at that moment.

Catherine Yang

Teaching Assistant

Catherine works as a teaching assistant at ISA City Science International School. It is her role to help the homeroom teachers help the children achieve their goals. She graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai Campus with a BA degree in English, as well as a TEM-8 certificate. Following graduation, she spent many years working in the service and teaching industries. She has previously worked as a study advisor and a service team supervisor in a famous English education institute, where she taught classes, lead activities, followed up with students, and learnt from different foreign teachers. Additionally, one year after starting her job, she was nominated for the Institute’s Service Star award. To improve her skills in lesson planning and English teaching, she took the TESOL course with a diploma. She believes that children should grow up with joy and develop divergent thinking skills and critical thinking skills when learning and trying new things.

Echo Wen

EAL Teaching Assistant

Echo works as a teaching assistant at ISA Science City International School. After working as a teaching assistant in another international school in Guangzhou for four years, Echo graduated from Guangdong Teachers College of Foreign Languages and Arts with a major in English Education. Working with students is one of her favorite things; she is enthusiastic about education and enthusiastic about learning new things. Compared to the traditional Chinese education, she is most impressed by the unique methods and practices of the international school. She has previously held administrative positions within schools. She loves working with people from different parts of the world and loves learning about and understanding different cultures. She considers education to be an oAccording to Lets Bales, who was a German philosopher, “Education is like a tree shaking another tree, a cloud pushing another cloud, and a soul calling another soul”.ng another soul”.Providing lifelong learning opportunities for students is one of her top priorities..

Harper Li

Teaching Assistant

Harper is a teaching assistant at ISA Science City International School, working in Grade 3. She acquired a Master’s degree at the University Of York in the UK, with a major in TESOL (Teaching English to the speaker of other language). Her educational and overseas study has provided academic support for her career. Harper prioritises relationships; students, families and colleagues. She is passionate about working in the education sector and is committed to international curriculum development. Harper has previously worked as an English teacher for K12 students and was nominated as “Star Teacher of the Year” during the annual regional teaching quality assessment in Guangzhou from the educational institution. Moreover, she has provided peer-evaluation and been appointed by the academic manager as the in-center coordinator for some activities. Harper is enthusiastically cooperates with the homeroom teacher and gives children the best educational experiences possible. Harper is committed to helping students face challenges in our multi-cultural learning environment and enjoys helping students become critical international learners.

Karen Li

World Languages Teaching Assistant

Karen is a teaching assistant at ISA Science City International School, working in the World Languages team. She holds a BA in Elementary Education and Language Acquisition. Her experience includes language training and teaching English as an Additional Language for both Government and International Schools. Karen is an educator who believes in the importance of instilling a strong growth mindset in students in order to empower them to take charge of their own learning. She is also passionate about reading and libraries, as demonstrated by her love of reading. Karen specializes in the acquisition of reading comprehension skills. As well as understanding the challenges of diverse classroom learning environments, Karen is committed to improving her students’ academic abilities as well as empowering them to be confident and authentic learners in both academics and everyday life at school. Karen is a firm believer in the power of education and its ability to open doors for people of all ages.

Lynn Lin

Teaching Assistant

Lynn is a primary school teaching assistant at ISA Science City International School, working in Grade 2. She graduated from Zhongkai University with a BA degree in English. She passed English major level eight and Business English Certificate. Lynn likes working with students, not only because they are always hunger for knowledge, but also through Inquiry, they can embark on a journey into the unknown. Her previous experience has been in a study abroad consulting company where she learned about the uniqueness of each student. She has also worked in Gymboree as an instructor for Early Years education. Working with younger kids was challenging. However, the eagerness of being not just a teacher but an educator motivated her to study further. She enjoyed learning about child development, how to engage meaningfully with parents and their children and creatively planning class programmes. Here at ISA Science City, she is ready to embark on the journey of inquiry with the students.

Nancy Qin

Teaching Assistant

Nancy works as a teaching assistant at ISA Science City International School. She teaches Grade 4. In 2011, she graduated with a BA degree in Management from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. When she was young, she wanted to be a teacher because she loved teaching. After graduation, she became an English Teacher in WSE and EF. Sharing is something she enjoys and she thinks sharing brings people closer together. She is excited to see all of the students in ISA succeed.

Shadow Guo

Teaching Assistant

Shadow is a teaching assistant at ISA Science City International School, working in Grade 5. She assists the Homeroom Teacher in 5B. Before joining ISA Science City, she attained a BA of English at Hunan International Economic University. Shadow has spent time working at Changsha where she supported students in their studies. She believes that love and warmth are important in order to bond with children so that they can experience the joy of learning. Shadow treats her students with the same respect as her family and hopes they can feel at home in ISA Science City. “Life is happy, study is happy, too.” This is the most important thing that she wants the students to learn. In her free time, Shadow enjoys writing and dancing. She looks forward to be given the opportunity to spread Chinese culture to the world. Shadow is proud of her handwriting and calligraphy abilities, a skill she has developed since she was a child and has improved through years of practice and determination. Shadow sees dancing as a way for her to connect with the world. She has learnt Ballet, Latin, Modern, and even Yoga, all of which helped her understand different ways of thinking and understanding the world around her. Shadow is proud to be part of ISA Science City, collaborative working to build a positive environment and looks forward to supporting its growth. She looks forward to seeing students that graduate from ISA Science City becoming global citizens.

Syma Tang

Teaching Assistant

Syma is a teaching assistant at ISA Science City International School, working in Grade one. In 2020 she worked in the school uniform shop, supporting students and parents in the purchasing of their school uniforms. Syma has been impressed by the students in the school and now looks forward to supporting students in their learning. Syma graduated from Xi’an International Studies University, majoring in English Education. She loves to learn and is excited to inspire students to learn also. Before joining ISA Science City, Syma was a retail sales associate on the Royal Caribbean International Cruise. She enjoyed meeting and interacting with children from around the world, learning about their cultures and experiences. Syma believes in establishing a trusting relationship with students. She looks forward to getting to know all her students and developing strategies to best support their learning journey.

Wincy Li

Chinese Language Teacher

Wincy teaches Chinese at ISA Science City International School. Her teaching career began in Singapore. After that, she worked as a Chinese teacher and Chinese subject level representative in Thailand for three years. In addition to her BA in Chinese Language and Literature and MA in Chinese teaching, she received her National Qualification Certificate for Primary Chinese Teacher and Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. She is passionate about learning new teaching methods and pedagogies, including using ICT-assisted Chinese teaching to engage students in class. Wincy places emphasis on inquiry, exploration, and critical thinking when teaching. She encourages students to embrace challenges, persevere, develop their potential, adopt a growth-mindset, and become lifelong learners. Moreover, she recognizes that teachers are not only “guides” to the learning process of a student, but also “promoters” and “supporters”, forming a “teacher-student community”, thereby fostering a mutually inclusive atmosphere.

Wing Lin

Teaching Assistant

Wing has 4 years of experience teaching multiple grade levels in different subjects at an international school. Through this, she has been able to gain valuable experience working with diverse student groups. She holds a certification in Preschool Education and a Montessori Certificate. As a result, Wing has developed and implemented engaging lesson plans that meet the unique needs of all students; utilizing a hands-on approach to learning, and enabling students to reach their full potential. Wing’s greatest strengths as an educator are her ability to engage students through technology and real-life applications, as well as her ability to differentiate her lessons to meet the unique needs of each student. Wing believes her lifelong passion for education, coupled with her dedication and strong work ethic, will make her a successful educator at ISA International Science City. She is passionate about everything she does. Whenever possible, she puts herself in the shoes of the students, and tries to understand their viewpoints and concerns.

Ivan Dragic

PSPE Teacher

Ivan joined ISA Science City as a PSPE teacher. A graduate of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Belgrade, Serbia, he specialized in strength and conditioning. He taught Physical Education at the Affiliated Foreign Language School of South China Normal University for the last 3 years. In addition to promoting the importance of decision making and goal setting as life skills, he will educate students on the importance of maintaining a healthy body and mind through positive behavior. He believes in equipping kids with practical, lifelong health skills, which cross over subject matter to develop character. His philosophy of education is that every child is unique and needs an educational environment where they can grow physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally. He strives to create an environment in which students can reach their full potential.

Joseph Hamkari

Teaching and Learning Coordinator (MYP/DP/IGCSE)

Joe has been an educator all over the world for over 35 years and in that time has been a teacher of Biology and Science, Science department faculty chair and Head of Department, Curriculum Coordinator, Diploma Coordinator, MYP Coordinator, IGCSE Coordinator and Secondary Principal. He is focused on students learning and facilitating the best teaching possible. He believes in the power of the students and teachers voices and choices and enabling all students to be skilled and skilful learners. The IB with its focus on students and skills fits very well into his aims. He has worked with teachers from many schools and parts of the world both in schools he has worked in and others as a workshop leader for both MYP and DP and has developed a number of teacher courses for the IB and other organisations as well as being a senior examiner in Biology for IAs, Scripts and Extended Essays. As a lifelong learner Joe has recently completed an MEd and is moving back to China from Weimar in Germany where he was the Upper School Principal.

Georgios Avgerakis

Mathematics Teacher and Academic Advisor

Georgios is a founding member of ISA Science City. He holds a master’s degree in College Education with a specialization in Mathematics from Rowan University in NJ, USA. He has taught Mathematics at all levels in a wide variety of educational institutions in Greece, the USA, Switzerland, and Mongolia. His teaching career began at Cumberland County College in New Jersey, where he was an intern college instructor in 1992. Georgios is an experienced, dedicated, and passionate International Baccalaureate educator. During his more than 20 years of involvement with the IB Diploma Programme, he has served as a Mathematics teacher, Mathematics examiner and senior examiner, as well as a Mathematics internal assessment team leader.

James Higson

Individual and Societies Teacher and Academic Advisor

As an Academic Advisor at ISA Science City, James’ goals are to accommodate the interests of the international student body and to develop and implement an interdisciplinary instructional program that integrates various subjects that students can take while pursuing Individuals and Societies. James has taught in the Chinese state education system and international schooling systems for over eight years. For most of his teaching career, he lived and worked in China, primarily in Hunan and Guangdong. He has taught English language and literature, history and geography, and prepared students for the Gao Kao examination in China. A specialist in humanities subjects, James has taught Key Stage 3, IGCSE, and A Levels, as well as Common Core Standard courses and language exams such as IELTS.

Katie Pass

EAL Teacher and Academic Advisor

Katie is an energetic and experienced teacher who is dedicated to helping her students achieve their goals. She earned her Bachelor’s degree (BA Hons) in English Language and Literature at Sheffield Hallam University, UK, in 1991, and her Post Graduate Certificate in Secondary Education from Cambridge University, UK, in 1993. Katie has taught English Language and Literature to students aged 11 to 18 in the UK, New Zealand, Qatar, and China. Katie has taught GCSE, IGCSE, A Level, IBMYP, IBDP, New Zealand curriculum to Scholarship level, and has prepared students for Oxbridge examinations. For 16 years, Katie has been teaching in the UK, serving as Head of English and Assistant Headteacher, focusing on Assessment for Learning. She was involved with the UK’s National Breakthrough Programme for Boys’ Achievement and implemented a number of intervention programmes that helped students. Katie has also served in numerous pastoral roles while teaching in China for the past seven years, including Head of Girls’ Boarding, Secondary School Counsellor for social and emotional needs, and University Counsellor.

Patricia Villard

Academic Advisor

Patricia Villard is originally from New York City, NY, USA. Ms. Villard joins ISA Science City international school as Guidance Counsellor. Before Joining ISA Science City she developed a University and Guidance Counselling department for a British International school in Wuxi, China. Prior to her years in Wuxi she was responsible for the career and university guidance of students at an American International school in Dubai, UAE. Ms. Villard’s professional experience expands from providing support to adolescents with individual career and university planning to guidance counselling and to supporting international schools with meeting international school standards and benchmarks for pastoral care, health and safety. Ms. Villard earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Georgia State University. She later continued to pursue a post-graduate degree also in the area of Psychology with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Alvin Chen

Chinese Language Teacher

A Chinese native, Alvin was born in the northeast of the country. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy and is fluent in Mandarin, Thai, and English. Alvin has been teaching Chinese for 7 years, 3 of them in Thailand. He was recognized by the Han Ban and Confucius Institutes as being an excellent Chinese teacher and a member of an excellent management team. For the past four years, he has been teaching IB Chinese Language and Literature in Guangzhou. Alvin has participated in IB workshops and conferences on Chinese teaching and learning to constantly improve his skills.

Antti Turkki

History/ IndSoc Teacher

Antti teaches MYP Individuals and Societies as well as DP History at ISA Science City. He is a former IB DP student who completed the program in Helsinki, Finland, in 2004 as a student. Antti holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Royal Holloway University of London, as well as a master’s degree in History from the University of Buckingham. In addition to getting his PGCE from the University of Buckingham, he also taught full-time secondary history and geography in France and China for 6 years. As well as teaching the AP and BASIS curriculum here in China, Antti was a Cambridge oral examiner in France.

Arshad Hussain

Science Teacher

ISA Science City welcomed Arshad as an IBDP (Physical Sciences) Teacher in 2021. His academic and professional qualifications were earned at world-renowned universities like the University of Toronto, the University of California, and Harvard University. Over the past 27 years, he has taught a wide range of courses such as IB, A-levels, and AP in several foreign schools in China such as Nanjing Foreign Language School, BASIS International Shenzhen, Beijing Royal School, among others. Arshad encourages his students to engage in scientific practices, including asking questions, gathering and analyzing data, and presenting arguments. Through practical applications, he brings abstract concepts of the physical sciences to life. Arshad believes that students look up to teachers and may model their own behavior and work ethic after the teachers. Due to this driving force, Arshad is completing his Master in STEM degree at California University of Pennsylvania.

Dani Marais

Drama, EAL and Arts Coordinator

Dani is the founding Arts Coordinator for ISA Science City. She is also a drama and English teacher. The South African native has a Bachelor’s degree in Drama and English from Rhodes University. She completed her teaching degree at the University of Nottingham.She has worked for the South African Schools Festivals of English, Drama, and the Arts since graduating from university, as well as an acting skills lab for disadvantaged communities. Additionally, she collaborated with a number of community organizations and organized events such as WordFest: a celebration of books and the Centre for Social Development’s first annual conference. During her free time, she created a number of shows which premiered at the Grahamstown National Festival, one of which toured South Africa and ended at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, UK. In the role of Arts Coordinator, she hopes to help build – a programme that will stimulate talent and create community through a wide-range of art programmes for students of all abilities and interests.

Juan Jose Zuniga Soto

Visual Arts Teacher

Juan is a Costa Rican designer and artist living in China for 8 years. He is passionate about creativity and aesthetics. He has taught art, coached students, and managed a team of 3 to 17-year-olds for 4 years. Juan holds a Postgraduate Degree in Graphic Design and Artistic Education from the Hispano-American University. He has worked on a wide range of projects, including art, fashion, and design, on five continents. It is his vision to create an environment where self-expression and individuality are encouraged without boundaries or restrictions, resulting in a deep appreciation of details and anything that reflects a person’s personality. His work has been featured in both lifestyle and art magazines and he has collaborated on unique pieces and projects for many brands, including Coca Cola, Bank of America, and Vogue Magazine. In addition to teaching and coaching, Juan is also a mentor.

Kyle Riebeck

Science Teacher

Kyle earned his Bachelor of Science in Education degree in 2020 from the University of Michigan, with majors in biology, chemistry, and history. His studies focused on the MYP and DP Programmes, and he taught at Huron High School in the United States after completing his teacher training. Upon finishing his degree, Kyle worked at ISF Academy, one of the top IB schools in Hong Kong, as a Science and Mathematics Teaching Fellow, where he focused on improving the school’s MYP program. Kyle is an innovative young teacher who infuses his classroom with fresh perspectives on learning and teaching.

Kyoung Ae Kim

Korean Teacher

Kim hails from South Korea. She began teaching Korean in 1999. As a Korean public-school teacher, she passed the National Public Teacher Recruitment Examination in 1999. She received the First Grade Certificate in Korean Language teaching in 2003. For the last four years, she taught Korean at ISA Tianhe. Kim teaches Korean as a mother tongue and supports the Korean community. During her career, she has helped Korean students who wish to return to Korea to study to gain entrance into top Koran universities.

Matthew Cedeno

EAL Teacher

Matthew earned a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Florida, USA, specializing in linguistics. Having taught in both humanities and English subject areas for eight years, he has extensive experience in the field. His teaching career began in his home state of Florida, where he worked for the public school system until he finished his training and moved abroad. He has taught English in Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and China. He holds several IB Diploma Programme and Middle Years Programme certificates. He has been teaching International Baccalaureate courses for four years.

Marcela Villa

Visual Arts Teacher

Marcela is originally from Cali, Colombia, where she studied Fine Arts and began her career as an artist and an art educator. While living in the United Kingdom, she gained a qualification as an art teacher and together with her husband began raising a family. Her husband and she have worked in different countries in Asia and Europe for the last 13 years. She previously worked in Xian in 2015. In addition to working in different countries, she has taught A-Levels, GCSE, IGCSE, MYP, and DP Visual Arts in the UK, Kazakhstan, Qatar, China, Japan, and Germany. Marcela believes that art enables students to develop skills that can be transferred to other subjects such as critical thinking, analytical skills, and communication skills, in addition to developing values so that they can understand empathy, be principled, and be flexible. Skills and values like these are crucial for a better future.

Michael Allen

Music Teacher

Michael is the founding secondary music teacher at ISA Science City. He hails from Chicago, USA, and has worked as a music educator in several countries including the U.S., Haiti, the Philippines, and China. Michael holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA. He is a professional cellist and an active chamber musician. As a cellist, Michael’s path led to Orchestral Conducting and Strings Instrument Education. Hefei was Michael’s first China education experience and Shanghai was his last. He has had the honor of working with musicians such as Lyle Lovett, Antonio Brico, Claudio Abbado and Harvey Shapiro.

Michael Collins

Mathematics Teacher

Michael studied Economics, Business, and Accounting at Brunel University in the United Kingdom after attending Dover Grammar School for Boys. Michael worked for 10 years in London and the Middle East in sales and customer relations, with a focus on the banking and finance industry. He was a member of the founding team for two firms in the Middle East. In 2008, he decided to rethink his career path and retrained as a Mathematics teacher in 2012. He worked in both private and state schools in the United Kingdom for five years. Michael’s second teaching job included responsibilities both as a mathematics teacher and as a boarding and housemaster, as well as coaching various sports. It was here that he developed a keen understanding of the advantages of a holistic approach to education. Michael left the UK in 2018 to begin his first overseas teaching position at the Bali Island School where he taught IB Mathematics.

Moony Feng

Chinese Language Teacher

Moony earned her Bachelor’s Degree at Beijing Normal University, and she completed her Master’s Degree at City University of Hong Kong. Moony taught in universities for four years before starting her career in international education. In 2016, the Chinese government sent her to Sydney, Australia, as an expatriate teacher. For two years, Moony taught Chinese in a local government high school in Sydney. She returned to China in 2018. Since then, she has worked at three different international schools in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Now Moony teaches Chinese language and literature at ISASC’s Secondary School, as well as Chinese language acquisition. Besides Mandarin and Cantonese, she is also fluent in English.

Ross Nendick

Design Teacher

Ross holds a PGCE in Computer Science from Leeds Trinity University and a BA in Economics from the University of Leeds. In total, he has ten years of teaching experience, having taught in England, Suzhou, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. Previously, Ross taught MYP Design, PYP Y5 Homeroom and Maths at ISA Tianhe for two years. As an educator, he has extensive experience in a wide range of programmes and subject areas, such as: MYP, PYP, iGCSE, A-Level, and Canadian Nova Scotia.

Serena Zheng

Chinese Language Teacher

Serena has been teaching Chinese to K-10 students for eight years. For more than five years, she worked at the ISA Tianhe campus. She previously taught Chinese at Top10 Bilingual School in Thailand. Serena has a Bachelor’s degree from Normal University, and she is working on her Master’s degree at People’s University. In her current role as a Chinese teacher at ISA Science City, she encourages students to reflect on how they learn through self-evaluation. She guides students to be more disciplined in their learning and collaborate with their peers in order to incorporate ATL skills and objectives when planning work units. As an educator, she incorporates spiritual growth and personal development into her teaching. Over the past eight years, she has actively participated in international workshops and shared teaching experiences with her peers. She has presented at numerous conferences, including ACAMIS Chinese Conference Global Education Forum, and the Second Innovative Chinese Teaching Conference among others.

Shane Kennedy

Drama, EAL and ToK Teacher

Shane holds an Honours degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland both in Theatre Arts and in Secondary Education. With a background in English Language and Literature, Drama, DP Theatre, and Theory of Knowledge, he has 20 years of experience teaching. Among his teaching experience is teaching at top schools in Canada, Korea, China, and the Middle East. Shane previously worked as a Head of Year and Pastoral Care teacher, as well as a Theory of Knowledge and DP Theatre Arts teacher at a leading school in Guangzhou.

Tapas Chattopadhyay

PSHE Teacher

Tapas joins ISA Science City as a teacher of health and physical education. After receiving his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in sports science from India’s premier physical education university (LNUPE), he completed his pre-doctoral (MPhil) thesis in sports-biomechanics and human movement. Additionally, he holds a high-performance coaching certificate from Cricket Australia. For eight years, Tapas also served as Head Coach and Strategic Cricket Development Planner for the national board of Saudi Arabia in addition to his 19 years of teaching Health, Physical Education & Sports. Currently he holds a UK teaching license, Hawaii Standard Board, and QTS from the UK department of education. At the all-India university level and at the junior national level, Tapas played cricket, football, and athletics. Before joining ISA, Tapas worked in a few other international schools in China. The belief and understanding of the coaching strategies Tapas has will allow the students to reach their highest potential.

Joe Liang

Physical Health Education Assistant

Joe is ISA Science City’s PE assistant and teaches PE at the school. He holds a BA in English, a TEM band-8 certificate in English, and national teaching certificates in high school and primary school English. Having worked in an IB school for four years, he has a good understanding of how to support students, teachers and lessons. Since the previous school year, Joe has been demonstrating skills and concepts in PSPE lessons to both online and onsite teachers. Additionally, Joe works closely with the sports coordinator and other PE staff on sports programmes and events such as Sports Day and competitions. Joe also serves as boarding staff, providing pastoral care for boarding students, supporting their after-school activities.

Maggie Huang

Teaching Assistant

Maggie joins ISA Science City international school as a Secondary Years Teaching Assistant. She has a BA in English, a TEM-8, and a CELTA (Certificate of English Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages). Maggie worked as a study advisor at an English learning institute for three years prior to joining ISA Science City. She then taught English for two years in a bilingual international school in Guangzhou. Maggie has extensive experience teaching English, language acquisition, and cross-cultural learning. The growth of teenagers is a priority for Maggie, who is willing to devote time and professionalism to them. Students are like flowers, she believes, and with our sincere love and constant watering, they will bloom imperturbably.

Millie Wang

ELA Teaching Assistant

Millie assists the language departments at ISA Science City. She has over 10 years of experience teaching languages and has a degree in Education. She is also a certified teacher. Teaching is her passion, which drives her meticulous attention to detail. Millie has taken part in a variety of workshops, including a nine-month TESOL program. She is completing her master’s degree from Moreland University in the major “teaching multilingual students”. In 2017, she began working at ISA Tianhe International School, but in 2020, she became a founding member of ISA Science City International School.

Venus Chen

Teaching Assistant

Venus graduated from Thailand’s top3 university with a degree in economics and financial management. She has taught overseas for many years and currently holds a secondary school teaching certificate. She is fluent in both Mandarin and English due to her extensive teaching experience. For a long time, she has been devoted to the education of children in remote mountainous areas and distressed areas, and every summer she organizes charitable people to donate clothes, materials, and books to those areas so that children there also have access to greater educational resources and opportunities. Venus has a friendly personality and does her best to help her parents and students. Many students are fond of her.

Jerry Lou

Deputy Head of Boarding

Jerry has been providing excellent boarding care to students for 10 years and plays an important role in their pastoral care. She strives to understand students’ situation in all areas of study and life at school, formulate personalized management plans, optimize student management, and promote the concept of holistic education in schools. By taking on the primary responsibility to provide boarding pupils (all ages/all years) with an exceptional level of pastoral care, she actively contributes to ensuring that the school provides a well-rounded educational experience. Jerry has taught Chemistry and General Science across the full range of international curricula for over 10 years. At ISASC, she will teach MYP General Science and DP Chemistry. With her guidance and tutelage, pupils are motivated and inspired, achieving high results as a result. Also, with the cultural differences and identity as well as the inclusivity of education, Jerry gained experience merging Chinese and International Curriculum for the best practice.

Jessica Luo

Assistant to the Head of Boarding

Jessica is an assistant to the boarding head at ISA Science City International School. She is responsible for administration and management of the boarding office. She oversees the daily routines and duties involved in keeping the facility running smoothly. She holds a bachelor’s degree in international business and has more than two years of experience as a boarding house manager.

Anne Liew

Library Services Manager

Anne joins ISA Science City as the Library Services Manager. She graduated from Warwick University (UK) with a Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) and a Leadership Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education. Her experience as a teacher and leader spans more than 16 years with the IB World Schools in Singapore and China. After teaching for eight years, she switched careers to go into the financial sector. Travels to Northern Europe and the Asia-Pacific regions for business and pleasure provided opportunities to visit local preschools to study the impact of the physical and social environment on children. After five years, she returned to education as a consultant to several start-up companies in Singapore and Northeast Asia. During her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, and sailing. Anne is constantly seeking to enhance her professional and personal growth by learning new skills.

Coco Chen

Activities Coordinator

Coco is an enthusiastic experiential educator, a facilitator of community and social-emotional learning, and a student leadership coach. She has been working in education innovation and international education since 2014, leading experiential and social-emotional learning programs in China and Southeast Asia. Among the programs offered are adventure expeditions, nature and culture explorations, leadership workshops, Global Citizenship conferences, and social innovation projects. Coco is also passionate about promoting education equality. Her work in China, Thailand, and Nepal has been focused on empowering under-resourced youths to make a change in their local communities. Coco has conducted many Social Emotional Learning & Experiential Education Workshops for international educators in addition to serving as an educational consultant and trainer.

Debbie Tai

World Languages Coordinator

Debbie is a bilingual educator who is dedicated to international school management, authentic leadership and curriculum development. Debbie joined ISA Science City after serving most recently as the Enhanced Language Program Coordinator at Wesley College in Melbourne, Australia. Prior to this, she served as the Head of PYP Chinese at Discovery College in Hong Kong, as well as the Chairperson of the Primary Chinese Curriculum Committee at ESF (English Schools Foundation, Hong Kong). As a highly respected member of the IB Educator Network (IBEN), Debbie consults internationally as an IB workshop leader for teacher training and curriculum development.

Deric Law

Education Technology Coordinator

Deric is originally from Malaysia and holds a Master of Information Technology (MIT) degree from the Open University in the UK. For the past 15 years, he has held various positions including IT Director, ICT Coordinator, MYP Design Teacher, and IT Coach for international schools in Malaysia, Kazakhstan, and China. Originally, Deric became a teacher due to the influence of the teacher he had in primary school who provided him with structure and inspiration. Deric is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) and Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer (MIET) certified by Microsoft Education. Additionally, he is a Certified Apple Professional Learning Specialist (CPLS) through Apple Education. As an Apple Professional Learning Specialist and a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, he works closely with schools to look for ways that technology can positively impact the classroom as well as the teacher and their work.

Jinju Im

School Counsellor

Jinju is one of the founding school counselors at ISA Science City. Her credentials include a National Counselor License from the Australian Counselling Association. In Australia, she earned a Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy and received specialised training in supporting young people who suffered trauma as a result of forced immigration and domestic violence. Jinju enjoyed working with young people so much that she decided to pursue a career working with them. Jinju’s primary responsibility as a school counselor is to promote the mental health of all students. Jinju likes to utilize creative art therapy skills to help people explore self-expression and, in doing so, find new ways to gain personal insight and develop new coping skills. Jinju looks forward to helping students and staff in the classroom and through school activities.

Nicole Billups

Academic Coordinator

Nicole has been teaching and leading in schools for 13+ years. She has taught in public schools in the United States and held middle and senior leadership positions in many Tier 1 international schools. In her role as Academic Coordinator, she ensures the school has strong academic programmes, oversees academic competitions, maintains the school’s learning management system, ensures the school is gathering useful progress data through external assessments, and coordinates workshops and conferences. Nicole keeps up with current trends in education, and supports and develops external academic partnerships. Her primary goal is to ensure that high standards of service are maintained throughout the school. Nicole’s educational background includes a master’s in Sociology and a bachelor’s in Childhood Education, as well as a minor in Science, Literature and Society. She also plans to pursue a PhD in Higher Education and Policy in the near future. Among her interests are curriculum and instruction, as well as mentoring. Her areas of expertise include curriculum design, professional development, coaching, and policy development. Outside of education, Nicole enjoys traveling. To date, she has visited 35 countries. Additionally, she is an excellent event planner who loves creating and hosting events for her family, friends, and school community.

Sean Maj

Sport Coordinator

Sean is the school’s founding Sport Coordinator, bringing to the school a very strong understanding of sport in Guangzhou, the Greater Bay Area, and internationally. He graduated from McGill University of Montreal, Canada, with a Bachelor of Education in Physical Education and English Literature, and played American football. He has served as an Athletic Director, teacher, coach of football, basketball, and volleyball, as well as one of the founding members of ACAMIS. Sean joins us from our partner school, ISA Tianhe. Prior to this, he was Director of Sport at another international school in Guangzhou. Sean is passionate about sport and helping students to pursue their dreams of excellence both on and off the playing field, which are key elements of the four pillars of sport at ISA Science City.

Toni Tang

Library Assistant

Toni joined ISA Science City as a Library Assistant. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Educational English from Zhaoqing University in 2014. In Guangdong, she worked as an English teacher in a center that specialized in teaching children under the age of five. She joined Royal Caribbean International Cruise Company, the world’s second-largest cruise operator, in July 2015 as a Youth Staff member in the Kids Club onboard. She managed a wide variety of age-appropriate and fun activities to entertain guests ranging from 6 months to 17 years of age.

Professional Services Team

Lyn Yu

Executive Assistant to Head of School

Lyn is the Executive Assistant to the Head of School and one of the founding members. Prior to joining ISASC, she served as a Learning and Development Manager and Quality Manager in one of the Bay Area’s most well-known international luxury hotels, where she was in charge of monitoring and guiding the hotel service team to achieve and maintain a high level of luxury service. In 2019, she was also awarded the Group’s Best Employee Award. Lyn is very detail-oriented. Over the course of her almost 10 years in the hospitality industry, she gained extensive knowledge of customer service, scheduling, and correspondence. Lyn reports directly to Mr. David Edwards, our Head of School, and is committed to contributing her knowledge of luxury service standards to the community and families. Lyn holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business English from BIT. During her college years, she was a teaching assistant at TPR English school.

Vanora Wen

Personal Assistant to Early Years Principal

Vanora Wen is a founding member of ISA International Science City. As the Early Years Principal’s Personal Assistant, she offers professional services and supports the Early Years education team, where she is the first point of contact for the ISA Early Years Programme. Vanora graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Korean. In addition to speaking fluent Cantonese and Mandarin, she is also a Guangzhou local. Prior to joining ISA, Vanora was a project manager in the international tourism industry, handling tailored travel services and MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference, and Event) services with high standards. She has extensive experience in customer service with strong communication and collaboration skills, being flexible in problem solving. She is a lover of travel and a great organizer. Traveling to more than ten countries, Vanora has developed a global and open-minded personality.

Connie Liang

Personal Assistant to Primary Principal

Connie is the primary school principal’s assistant at ISA Science City International School. Her role is to act as the first point of contact between the principal, staff, and parents. Connie has worked as an executive assistant to the CEO of a Hong Kong trading company and as a shopping concierge at Changi Airport in Singapore. The experience she gained in a trading company has made her more qualified to be a school administrator. Her passion for education and her expertise in the sector led her to join ISA Science City. In her spare time, Connie enjoys Thai boxing. Her belief is that a healthy body ensures the ability to overcome any challenge. She lives by the motto “Do or don’t. There is no try.”

Sharon He

Personal Assistant to Secondary Principal

Sharon joins ISA Science City in the position of Personal Assistant to Secondary Principal. Before Joining ISA Science City she was the Executive Assistant to Vice President at an international joint venture University in Suzhou, China. Also, she was a LP at Disney English. Sharon earned a bachelor in Tourism Management from Zhuhai College of Jilin University. As a lifelong learner, Sharon continued to pursue the qualification of Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Children. Sharon is a passionate, focused person, and she loves caring for others. She was actively engaged in lots of volunteering programmes and served as a member of Disney VoluntEARS Leadership at The Walt Disney Co.,Ltd.. Sharon speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English fluently. With more than 10 years of working experience in hospitality industry, she is committed to providing professional service at ISA Science City.

Aimee Jiang


Aimee has over four years of experience in the financial sector. She is currently a cashier at ISA Science City. Aimee previously worked as an expense accountant, tax accountant, project cost accountant. She has solid financial knowledge and rich financial accounting experience before joining Science City. Aimee adheres to the principles of dedication and honesty, and will provide the necessary support for the teachers and parents in the financial field.


Alice Sun

Operations Manager

Alice is the Operations Manager at ISASC. Previously, Alice worked as a Customer Service Officer, Account Manager and Human Resources Manager in a renowned company. She then worked as a Human Resources Director, Dean of Students, and Operations Director at several international schools. She holds two IB leadership certificates related to IB practices and leadership research. In addition, Alice has a master’s degree in economics and international education.

Belinda Ding

HR Senior Specialist

She has been working as an HR officer in an international school for the past two years. She was mainly involved with expatriate teachers’ visas, work permits, and other onboarding processes, to ensure compliance with the law and meet school academic needs. Belinda graduated from Guangdong University of Finance with a major in Business English. She is committed to providing Human Resource assistance to ISASC’s Chinese and expatriate employees.

Brian Li

IT Manager

Brian joins the founding team of ISA Science City as the IT Manager. His management experience spans 13 years. He manages the school’s IT network system, including wired and wireless network security, telephone system, server deployment, and iPad App management, as well as constructing the school’s monitoring and access control systems. Brian was the IT manager at English First prior to joining ISA Science City. His responsibilities included IT system construction, maintenance, training, and other duties at more than 40 EF schools in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Changsha, Fuzhou, and Xi’an. As core member of EF China’s IT team, Brian cooperated closely with Global IT at EF’s Swedish headquarters on the design and deployment of the company’s global IT system.

Emily Yang

Enrolment Consultant

Emily is an enrollment consultant at ISA Science City. Emily has worked in the education field for more than nine years. She is passionate about education and believes education leads to lifelong learning. Emily was a center manager at Helen O’ Grady Drama Academy before joining ISASC she played a key role in the course planning and service supervision of the admission team. Using her sustaining efforts, she succeeded in establishing a standard operating procedure on admission consulting for the school. Her team’s professionalism, competent communication skills, and excellent service attitude were highly rated by the parents and students she served. To provide the best service possible for ISASC, Emily will spare no effort to contribute her education knowledge and experiences.

Jacob Zhang

IT Technician

Jacob Zhang is an IT technician at ISA Science City. He is responsible for providing high-quality onsite IT support to our community. As part of his role, he installs devices such as computers, laptops, educational software, printers, Smartboards, and other education-based technology. Additionally, he helps ensure that our IT infrastructure runs smoothly. Jacob has excellent experience providing high quality IT training and services through his previous role at LG. His role at LG was to assist with staff professional development through cloud computing and OA systems.

Jenny Wei

Procurement Officer

Jenny joined ISA Science City in June 2020 as a Procurement Officer. Her main role is to make sure that all school purchases align with our high standards. She handles everything from contracts to inventory management, logistics to quality control and making sure the school gets what it needs. Her coordination skills with multiple suppliers and projects are outstanding. Jennifer graduated from the Guangzhou Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree and has worked in procurement for more than four years. Previously, she worked for the Evergrande Group, where she gained extensive purchasing experience in the real estate, auto parts, and hardware industries. Her time at Evergrande Group provided her with valuable insights into supplier management and purchasing processes.

Joshua Zeng

Design Coordinator

Joshua joined the founding team of ISA Science City International School as the design coordinator. Previously, Joshua worked in the education industry for more than 2 years because of his interest in education. A significant achievement is that he designed a whole VI and UI system for a training and teaching software from the beginning, helping students learn and develop their skills. Throughout his work, he strives to create an engaging and creative brand presentation. Since he joined ISA Science City, he has learned much more about design. As part of his role, he is also responsible for gaining a deeper understanding of the school brand and culture, as well as the students and parents. This helps to better present ISA Science City. He will continue to emphasize design and manage it effectively to assist the school community in creating an excellent brand for the school.

Lancer Ling

Enrolment Consultant

Lancer serves as an Enrolment Consultant at ISA Science City. He has been engaged in the international education industry for more than 7 years. Before joining ISA, he was a senior consultant in a leading international education consulting company. He is very familiar with the admission policies of foreign schools and universities and has rich experience in helping students make admission plans and improve their background. He has guided hundreds of students to get admissions to the top universities, including Columbia University, Imperial College, National University of Singapore, University of Toronto, The University of Melbourne etc. Lancer believes that excellent educators not only impart knowledge, but also enlighten wisdom and nourish life. He is committed to providing parents and students with professional admissions consulting service and the comprehensive information of ISA Science City.

Melody Tang

Procurement Officer

Melody joined ISASC in November 2020 as a procurement officer. In this position, she is responsible for understanding the procurement requirements by communicating and coordinating with various departments and conducting daily purchases and paperwork so as to monitor the product quality in accordance with the school’s procurement standards. Additionally, she spends time researching new purchasing channels and suppliers so that ISASC always has ample supplies. She has taken on a wide range of professional responsibilities in order to ensure the community is provided with everything it needs to be an outstanding school. Prior to joining us, Melody was a purchase specialist for a Japanese company. With eight years of experience in this role, she was responsible for all purchases, including capital expenditures, and managing all procurement processes in terms of compliance and risk assessment, making sure all procurements were highly cost-effective.

Olivia Jiang

Enrolment Consultant

Olivia joins ISA Science City International School as an enrolment consultant. Prior to this, she worked for education companies and universities in admissions and educational administration. She has worked at UIC (the Beijing Normal University- Hong Kong Baptist University United International College) and CUHK (SZ). Olivia is passionate about the education industry. A graduate of Liverpool University in the U.K., she has a master’s degree in management. Her undergraduate degree is in industrial designShe obtained a patent on product appearance in her graduation project in undergraduate studies, and she is also interested in creative industries.y. She is passionate about providing admission consultations to ISASC students, as well as welcoming students and parents to ISA Science City International School. Using her experience in clay handicraft, she hopes to assist the co-curricular course as well.

Oscar Li


Oscar is the school driver at ISA Science City. He is responsible for providing safe and timely transportation for the staff. Also, he is responsible for planning transportation routes for the Head of School, HR, Finance, Marketing and Admissions, Operations, and any other department that needs ferrying services. Maintaining the company vehicle is his pride and joy, as he is meticulous about its cleanliness, maintenance, and servicing records. Having worked as a driver for executives for thirteen years, he has a record of zero accidents. He previously worked for a publicly listed company as a personal driver for a senior director. Also, he drove for luxury tour groups in New Zealand. Oscar holds both a Chinese and an international driving license. He is familiar with the technical specifications of a variety of brands and models of automobiles. He is also a sports enthusiast, participating in various sport competitions, such as basketball, football, and dragon boating when he has free time.

Paris Peng

Senior Operations Officer

Paris joined ISA Science City as a Senior Operations Officer in April 2021. Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English in 2011, she has been working in education for more than 10 years. She worked as a Senior Admission Consultant and Registrar in an international school before joining ISASC. She is passionate about international education. Her experience and passion will help her better serve students and teachers at ISASC.


Rainbow Chen

Administrative Coordinator

Rainbow has been part of the ISA Science City team since December 2020. In addition to managing all shop operations, she also provides professional customer service to the community. For six years, Rainbow worked as an assistant at an international school in Guangzhou, where she worked closely with the senior leadership team. Among her responsibilities, she coordinated school bus services, operated the uniform shop, and provided administrative support to the music department. Rainbow speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, and English fluently. Her passion and experience in international education enable her to provide excellent customer service to the ISASC community.

Tracy Li

Relocation Specialist

Tracy Li is the Relocation Specialist at ISA Science City International School. She joined us recently after spending seven years as an Executive Assistant to VP of Anta China Corporation in Fujian Province. Tracy brings her experience into the very important work of finding outstanding accommodation for our foreign staff. This is a job that requires tough negotiation skills and the ability to understand cross-cultural matters. Tracy has a bachelor’s degree in Business English from the Wuhan University of Technology Huaxia College. She is a regular volunteer in the animal welfare organization in Fujian.

Warren Wen

Events Coordinator

Warren joined ISA Science City’s founding team in the role of Event Coordinator. In his previous career as a five star hotel event coordinator, he handled plenty of large events mostly related to government and chambers and consulates. Through these experiences he developed an understanding of how to create a successful event. Warren enjoys being in a diverse environment and knowing people from all walks of life. Being a creative person who loves to create wonderful moments for everyone, Warren’s focus is on planning and executing events and making sure that every event has a memorable experience for every guest.

Wendy Zhang

Assistant Finance Manager

Wendy is the assistant finance manager at ISA Science City. She has worked for international schools for many years. She graduated from JiNan University and is responsible for the completion and maintenance of general ledgers, as well as managing the overall accounting operations. Her duties include assisting the Head of Finance in conducting periodic financial analyses and statistical studies, as well as reviewing contracts, invoices, and expenditure reports to ensure all accounting activities are carried out in accordance with legal, regulatory, and school policies. She coordinates the implementation of financial department goals, standards, policies and procedures with relevant departments.

Winnie He

Assistant HR manager

Winnie serves as our assistant HR manager at ISA Science City. She has nine years of experience in the human resources field. She worked for a real estate company in Guangzhou providing professional relocation services for expats of multinational companies before joining ISA. Due to her experience, she is skilled at recruiting and training diverse talents who specialize in providing accurate and considerate service to clients with high expectations. Additionally, she has experience working in an overseas education agency, which helped many students to get acceptance offers from universities overseas. With a passion for education, she is committed to sharing her knowledge with ISASC.

Winnie Wang

Operation Officer

Winnie Wang is an Operations Officer at ISASC. She graduated from Guangdong University of Finance and Economics and has worked in the hospitality industry for years, making her a patient, optimistic, and guest-focused individual. In addition to being a good problem solver, she is proactive in her projects and can actively accomplish her tasks in a timely manner. It was Winnie’s belief that with her experience as a working member of an operations team, she will have a smooth transition into the education industry.