This page has the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding admissions at ISA Science City. If you have any other enquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here.


Firstly, the ISA Community consists of students, parents, teachers, leaders, architects, and designers from many countries. The ISA International Education Group is committed to the creation of a culturally plural community in which people from different nationalities, language groups and faiths cooperate, learn from each other, and develop genuine international-mindedness.


Secondly, the ISA International Education Group does not represent the beliefs, values or educational system of any one country.  On the contrary, our executive team, our school leaders and our staff bring professional ideas and cultural values from diverse countries with many educational philosophies and traditions. These philosophies embrace both Western and Eastern traditions. Our executive leaders have experience in many of the world’s leading K-12 schools and also in universities and curriculum development centres. They develop schools, professionally assist the teaching faculty, and engage with parents and students for the purpose of creating a strong, cohesive community. They are role models for others in everything they say and do.


Thirdly, ISA schools use the internationally recognised International Baccalaureate (IB). At the same time, they utilise outcomes and standards from national curricula, as well as local Chinese language standards to create a curriculum fusion that is special to ISA. In this way, non-Chinese students learn Chinese language and become familiar with Chinese culture, and Chinese students become fluent in English and absorb positive traditions of other cultures.


Fourthly, an ISA education is a genuinely holistic education, focusing on students’ physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. An ISA education is rich in academic experiences, in cocurriculum participation, and in pastoral and wellbeing programs. These receive equal attention so that students can grow and develop with mind, heart and spirit interconnected and balanced. An ISA student is one who is well prepared academically, ethically, emotionally and socially to face the challenges of tomorrow.

We know that the quality of a school rests on the quality of its teachers. Native English-speaking classroom and specialist teachers are sourced from countries such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and USA whose official language is English. Teachers must have a bachelor’s degree, a recognised teaching certification and reasonable school teaching experience. 


We expect teachers to have a demonstrated understanding of inquiry learning, to have high levels of intercultural understanding, to be collegiate and of good character. We actively seek teachers who have a passion for education.

ISA has planned for a forward-looking and modern ‘Green School’, including the adoption of international green building standards, and the selection of environmentally friendly and internationally certified materials. The construction process utilises methods which protect the environment, and is monitored in real time to prevent secondary contamination. To ensure that indoor air and drinking water quality reach designated standards, efficient air and water filtration systems will be installed throughout the campus. Strategic reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) has also been planned. In addition, ISA Science City is applying for US LEED Certification, an internationally recognised standard for evaluating green building, as well as the China National Green Building Certification. A range of specialist environmental consultants has assisted us with this process.