A World Leading Contemporary Boarding School

This purpose-built residential facility for students Grades 6 to 12 will provide a safe, supportive and productive environment that will bring together international students living in China (including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau) , South-East Asia and from around the world.


The Science City Boarding House provides families near and far with two residential options:

  • Full-time boarders : Residents attend seven days and nights a week during term time. This option is ideal for international students and those from more distant parts of China.
  • Weekly boarders: Residents attend at the school Monday to Friday. This provision enables those students from cities easily accessible to Guangzhou, the option of returning home each weekend. It will be particularly popular to families in Hong Kong, given the high speed train service which connects these two great cities. Typically, students will arrive at school by 8.00am on Mondays and return home on Friday evening.


The ISA Science City Boarding House will be a welcoming, safe and supportive community, providing boarders with a home-away-from-home. Our programme focuses upon each student’s emotional, social, physical and cultural needs. Our balanced model of care will be delivered by a dedicated team of Boarding staff, mentors, academic supervisors, teachers and medical practitioners. 


Our Boarding House welcomes local, regional and international students, reflecting the diversity upon which the School is being created. Students will learn how to engage across cultures, instilling a unique world-view that will serve them throughout life, a key commitment that our school has as we prepare global citizens.

It is an expectation that all of our boarders are fully involved in the many learning opportunities provided to them both at the school and within the boarding community. All boarders will be monitored, supported and guided with their academic development, assisting them in striving towards significant goals. 


Beyond academics, all boarders will be involved in at least one of the core Arts activities, with options including music, theatre and visual arts. Further still, an active healthy life is an important facet of Science City school life, with all boarders being involved in a minimum of two sporting teams during the academic year.


The ISA Science City Boarding House is a community of students who, with great support and mentoring, will be guided to become fully engaged members of society, developing skills and knowledge across their academics, sports, arts and community service which will prepare them well to become world leaders.

Each week night, a programme of structured academic extension helps students consolidate classroom learning. Independent and small group sessions, supported by mentors, will assist students as they complete homework and assignments.


From 7.30pm each night, the Boarding House becomes a quiet zone, providing an environment suitable for focused study. Boarders will have full access to the key academic facilities, as appropriate, for their study and academic development.


The ISA Science City Boarding House program will also assist students in areas such as university and career guidance, life skills and well-being.

Our weekend programme will provide boarding students the opportunity for structured and unstructured time. Beyond academics, sports, arts and community service, our boarding students will have the opportunity to experience a guided exploration of the ancient city of Guangzhou, as well as further across the Greater Bay Area. Weekend time also enables boarders with time to relax and refresh after a busy week at school.


ISA Science City will ensure that every boarder is provided the highest level of care and support. There will be 24/7 supervision throughout the term time.


Our Boarding Staff will be led by a highly experienced suite of Boarding Leaders, ensuring that the quality of our facility is more than matched by the outstanding quality of our staff.

Your child’s safety is our highest priority. Each student is issued with a personalised electronic swipe card, allowing access to their own apartment, as well as common areas.


Security staff are onsite at all times, supported by CCTV of all areas of the school facility. Campus buildings and gates are locked every night, and all doors and windows are alarmed.

Our onsite Boarding staff will understand each student’s health history. All staff will be trained in first aid.


Our Science City Boarding House Health Centre is staffed by a registered nurse seven days per week and there are additional medical professionals on call 24/7.

The ISA Science City Boarding House differs greatly from traditional dormitory environments seen in China and in other Asian locations. Our contemporary facilities will cater for a student population of up to 500 boarding students, with the facility providing an optimal mix of private and communal space. The Science City Boarding House is comprised of 14 floors of residential apartments residences for girls and boys. Students are allocated to their area according to gender and grade level.


Boarders reside within the ISA Science City campus and will have extended access to our world-leading facilities. This additional access includes the sports centre, gymnasium, basketball and badminton courts, running track and football pitch, music and drama studios, library and indoor swimming pool. It will be an extraordinary opportunity for adolescents to reside within a space and guided by outstanding mentors, during this significant development time of their life.

Our architecturally designed boarding house comprises air-conditioned quad-share rooms, an open-plan lounge, kitchenette, private and group study areas. This is provided on each floor of our boarding facility.


The quad-share bedrooms provide students ample space for private study, sleep and socialisation.

Meals are served by our professional catering staff in the communal dining area. Wednesday night is designated as the Head of School dinner, a time where student performers and guest speakers, in addition to our Head of School, will join the boarders for a more formal dining experience. This weekly event is seen as a key element of supporting the culture of student excellence and is another opportunity provided to our student boarders.

Fresh laundry is provided through our convenient laundry services. Students simply deliver their personal items two times per week to our laundry service to be laundered and returned. They may also make use of our washing machines, dryers, and ironing boards with the assistance of their residential mentor.