We anticipate commencing with up to 40 different co-curricular activities at ISA Science City in our first school year. For us, co-curricular activities provide a wonderful opportunity for students to explore a range of areas of interest, beyond the classroom.


Our co-curricular programme extends the core teaching and learning provided by our school. As such, our co-curricular programme has four key pillars, which students may select activities from within:



Our co-curricular programme will be provided to all students at our school, with age appropriate activities overseen by our internal team, with external providers assisting in the provision of excellent activities. These activities will occur during lunchtime and/or after-school, Monday to Thursday each week.


Further information will be provided in May 2020 as to the specific list of activities to be provided, as well as additional clarification surrounding bus transport and the sign-up process.


Information regarding our holiday programme will be provided in November 2020.