Leadership Team

David Edwards

Head of School

David commenced as Head of School of ISA Science City International School in October 2019. He has served as Head of St. Kilda Road Campus, the largest and oldest campus of Wesley College in Australia, managing more than 1600 students and nearly 600 employees. Wesley College is Australia’s top coeducational IB World School with a 153-year history. David previously served as the Founding Principal then CEO of GEMS World Academy (Singapore), voted the leading international school in Singapore in 2017. GEMS Education is the world’s largest kindergarten to 12th grade school operator with more than 90 schools in 14 countries.

Andy Mok

Head of Human Resource

Andy Mok serve as Head of Human Resources. She is responsible to oversee and supervise the HR Department of the school and to ensure the HR functuions are executed effectively and efficiently. Andy has a Master of Education from Honolulu University, Master of Business Administration from Greenwich University and Bachelor of Arts in Chinese University of Hong Kong. With extensive management experience gained in commercial field, Ms Mok engaged in school administration and management in education ten years ago. Her particular area was gained in an IB international school established in Guangzhou, from which, she has accumulated experience not only in school operation, but also risks and contingency management.

Nancy Long

Head of Marketing and Communications

Nancy joins ISA Science City founding team in the position of Head of Marketing and Events. She has more than 10 years’ international education sector experience including British Council, Confucius Institute and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. She has rich expertise in education marketing, project management and market insights. Prior to joining ISA Science City, Nancy worked at the British Council, Cultural and Education Section of British Consulate-General where she took lead in promoting UK boarding schools across China. Nancy believes that educators not only see the vision, but they live and breathe it. Nancy graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University with Master and Bachelor degrees in Linguistics.

Tracy Cui

Admissions Manager

Tracy Cui is the Admissions Manager of ISA Science City International School. She has been working in international education for 5 years. Prior to taking this role in 2020, Tracy was the Marketing Assistant Manager of the school and was involved in project development and marketing within the ISA International Education Group. Before joining ISA, Tracy worked in the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong in marketing and communications role, and as a result, has developed advanced interpersonal skills and abilities to interface with individuals at all levels. Tracy holds a bachelor’s degree in Business English and a bachelor’s degree in Science. She is also certified as a PMP (Project Management Professionals) by the US-based Project Management Institute. Tracy is responsible for guiding parents and students through the admissions process, making the experience positive, straightforward and engaging, ensuring high-quality communication, and building an understanding of each family’s need and interests throughout the ‘Parent Experience Journey’. Tracy believes that building positive and trusting relationships between school and families plays an essential role for students’ development at school.

Simon Tan

Head of Information Technology

Simon Tan has been working in international schools for almost 13 years. Before ISA, he worked for BASIS International School Guangzhou as the IT founder. During the school working career, his work has been responsible for smart campus operation system planning and implementation, school network planning and construction, student information system management, and with electronic teaching integration. He believes that the best international education should be the education of the perfect fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. Simon holds a Master’s degree from South China University of Technology and certificated as PMP (Project Management Professional) by Project Management Institute.

Stephen Jok

Head of Finance

Stephen Jok is the Head of Finance at ISA Science City International School. His main responsibility is to oversee and supervise the Finance Department, ensuring all accounting activities comply with school regulations. Stephen is originally from Hong Kong and spent the last six years working in a well-established IB international school in Guangzhou. Stephen specializes in financial and management accounting. He also has extensive work experience in multinational firms and group regional offices.

Education Team

Connie Chan

Early Years Principal

Connie joins the founding team at ISA Science City in the position of Early Years Principal. She has been working in the field of early childhood education for over 30 years. Aside from working in her home county Canada, Connie has worked in international schools in southeast Asia, namely Hong Kong and Singapore. Her last school in Guangzhou is an IB three-programme World School. She was there for over 14 years as the Early Years Coordinator and was instrumental to the IB accreditation process. Connie graduated with an honours degree in Bachelor of Applied Science in Child Studies with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. As a certified early childhood educator, she is currently in the College of Early Childhood Educator public registry in Canada. Connie attends IB workshops to upgrade her knowledge in the Primary Years Programme. She embraces the concepts of holistic development and child-focused early childhood philosophies; particularly a true advocate in the world-renown Reggio Emelia approach. She is excited to start her new journey as the founding Early Years Principal at ISA Science City and looks forward to parent visits to our Early Childhood Learning Centre (ECLC).

Vanora Wen

Personal Assistant to Early Years Principal

Vanora Wen joins the founding team at ISA International Science City as Personal Assistant to the Early Years Principal, providing professional service and support to the whole Early Years education team. She is the first contact point to ISA Early Years sub-school. Vanora graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University in 2011 where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English and Korean. As a Guangzhou local person, she can also speak fluent Cantonese and Mandarin. Prior to joining ISA, Vanora worked in the international tourist industry for 9 years as a project manager, providing customized travel services and MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Event) services with high standards. She has rich experience in customer service with strong skills in communication and collaboration, being flexible in problem solving. She is an avid traveler and a great planner. Having traveled to more than 10 countries, Vanora has built up a global and open-minded personality. She is proud of being one of the founding staff and looks forward to providing excellent service to our founding families as well as those families joining ISA International Science City in the future.

Magda Johnson

EY1 Homeroom Teacher

Magda joins the founding team at ISA International Science City in the position of Early Years Homeroom Teacher. She is very excited to teach EY1, our youngest learners, and believes that child-centered play-based learning is central to early childhood education. She started her International teaching adventure as a boarding parent at the International School in Tanzania with her husband who is an experienced IB Diploma Coordinator. For the past 10 years Magda worked in IB international schools in England, Norway and Malawi. She was employed as an Early Years teacher and administrator in a French international kindergarten in Guangzhou over the last 3 years. Magda received a Bachelor of Early Childhood and Primary Education with her teaching license from the Lodz University of Humanities and Economics in Poland with sub specialisms in teaching Visual Arts, Music, EAL, Child Psychology, Mathematics, Special Education Needs and Language. Magda also holds a TEFL teaching certificate. Magda is an experienced early childhood educator who understands children will succeed with strong parental support. She has three girls aged 4, 12 and 14, and knows the pressures of balancing parenthood and work. She looks forward to working with all the families and helping their child grow and succeed as an individual. Magda is delighted to be a founding member of ISA Science City.

Isla Lu

EY1 Teaching Assistant

Isla joins the founding team at ISA Science City in the position of Early Years Teaching Assistant. Her role in EY1 is to work closely with the homeroom teacher, offering support and assistance and engage with our youngest students in various play-based activities while teaching them to be independent. She understands the need to be patient, full of love and responsible to these young learners. Isla graduated from university with a major in English Teaching and gained the Teacher Certificate. Before joining ISA Science City International School, Isla had taught over 5 years in mainland China and overseas. She regularly went to the village schools as a volunteer teacher while on vacations during her university years, hoping to bring more knowledge and educational opportunities for under privileged children. After her studies, she applied to be an early years English teacher at Cambridge Children’s English School. Isla also worked on board international cruise ships as a youth staff for the last 3 years, which afforded her opportunities to practice teaching skills with English as an additional language; more importantly, Isla learned professional skills in the field of early childhood education. Isla believes ISA Science City is going to be a great school and she so proud to be part of the founding team. Outside of work, Isla enjoys travelling and engaging in outdoor activities such as cycling and hiking.  She is also relishing the challenge of learning Portuguese.

Lanny Chen

EY1 Teaching Assistant

Lanny joins the founding team at ISA Science City in the position of Early Years Teaching Assistant. Her role in EY1 is to work closely with the homeroom teacher, mainly in assisting and supporting them with planning and engaging our youngest students in a play-based learning environment. Lanny has been working in pre-school education since 2013. She started as an assistant in a Guangxi Province nursery school; while working there she discovered her love for children. Lanny graduated with the National Certificate of Nursery Governess 6 years ago. She was interested in Korean and passed the Test of Proficiency for Korean level 1-2 during the same period. Lanny started her first job working in a Korean preschool in Guangzhou for one year. While she was there Lanny assisted Korean teachers in daily teaching and played an important role in the communication between school and families. Lanny worked at ISA Tianhe for the next 5 years as a kindergarten assistant. Her role involved assisting the teachers by supporting the children in their learning and well-being matters. Lanny supported the Korean students across Early Years. Last year she served as a teaching assistant for the Korean mother tongue classes. Currently she is taking a course in Chinese Language and Literature at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies to further her understanding in this area. Lanny is excited to be a part of the founding team at ISA Science City. She values working in an educational environment and enjoys enriching the experience of learners and helping them to achieve.

Raewyn Tattersall

EY2 Homeroom Teacher

Raewyn joins the founding team at ISA Science City in the position of Early Years Homeroom Teacher for EY2. Teaching is her passion and her goal is to encourage children to be confident, capable learners who can acquire knowledge, skills, and dispositions through a mix of intentional teaching, inquiry- based learning through hands on open-ended, engaging activities; in an environment that is built to encourage children to explore, discover and learn. She has taught for many years in the early education sector in New Zealand, Australia, and Beijing. Raewyn spent 10 years of her education career teaching in lower primary in Australia and Myanmar. Raewyn is an experienced early years educator with a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) from New Zealand. She has chosen to teach within the early years environment as young learners work with visible joy, wonder and enthusiasm. Raewyn believes in order for children to learn and grow, they must develop respectful, reciprocal, and trusting relationships. Raewyn is originally from Auckland, New Zealand and have lived in Brisbane, Queensland. She looks forward to immersing in the Chinese culture in Guangzhou.

Maggie Pan

EY2 Teaching Assistant

Maggie joins the founding team at ISA Science City in the position of Early Years Teaching Assistant. Her role in EY2 is to work closely with the homeroom teacher, offering support and assistance and engage with our younger students and introduce them to the IB PYP. In addition, Maggie works with the parents, maintaining a safe and stimulating environment for their child throughout his/her learning journey. Maggie graduated from Monash University in Australia with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Master’s degree in Teaching (Early Childhood Education). As a certified Early Childhood Educator, Maggie taught in local kindergartens, early care centers and lower grade primary schools in Melbourne. She is passionate about providing children with play-based education that is constructed from children’s interests and needs. Maggie believes that all children have their unique personality, prior learning experience and preferred learning style. Hence as a Teaching Assistant she will try her best to support her homeroom teacher to provide the differentiated learning to help challenge and support children’s learning journey. She wants to witness the growth and development of children and have a positive impact on them as they grow up.

Rimma Fatkhutdinova

EY3 Homeroom Teacher

Rimma joins the founding team at ISA Science City in the position of Early Years Homeroom Teacher. She is excited to teach EY3 this year. Rimma has dedicated most of her life teaching and truly enjoys her job. She sees students as individuals with their own personality and unique learning needs. These values, along with patience and integrity in the classroom, keep guiding her today. Rimma has taught in various countries and institutions since 1996. Rimma holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in education and is working towards a second master’s degree in education (TESOL) at the University of North Dakota, USA. Originally from Russia, she has taught in Turkey before moving to China with her family. Rimma then taught at an IB school in both the kindergarten and primary sections. These experiences have allowed her to learn Turkish and Mandarin, which she now speaks along with English, Russian and Tatar. Rimma has two sons aged 10 and 16. Her older son is an IBDP student while her younger son attends Grade 5 at ISA Science City. Rimma is constantly inspired by her students’ positive energy, and she looks forward to seeing them grow both personally and academically.

Thea Tan

EY3 Teaching Assistant

Thea joins the founding team at ISA Science City in the position of Early Years Teaching Assistant. Her role in EY3 is to work collaboratively with the homeroom teacher, offering support and assistance and positively guide our four to five years old students. Thea believes this is an important grade level where the children begin to build a foundation to language and maths. She enjoys to work with parents and help guide their child’s learning journey. Thea graduated in preschool education a few years ago as she was enthusiastic to learn about young children. She is currently finishing her studies to pursue a Teacher certification in preschool international education. In the past years, Thea worked as a Teaching Assistant in an English education institution in Guangzhou and then in an international kindergarten in Foshan. She assisted the homeroom teacher to plan activities to stimulate the children’s learning potentials and assisted with classroom management. As an Early Childhood Educator, Thea understands the needs of these young children; they are capable but still need to be encouraged with positive reinforcement to join and engage in classroom activities. She is currently exploring lessons in Korean to support the Korean families in our school. As a founding member of ISA Science City Thea hopes to give it her best to help these young learners to become successful.

Ivy Hilgenfeld

EY4 Homeroom Teacher

JezikaIvy (Ivy) Hilgenfeld joins the founding team at ISA Science City in the position of Early Years Homeroom Teacher. She is excited to be the EY4 teacher this year and likes to be called Ms. Ivy. She taught in multiple capacities for over 15 years in four different countries. Ivy worked in Germany, Singapore, Czech Republic and South Korea. She was an Early Years homeroom teacher in various grade levels, lower primary teacher, primary principal, music teacher, and ESL lead teacher. Ivy has a degree in Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and Human Sciences from the University of Nebraska, USA and is working on her Masters of Education in EAL. Ivy is passionate about giving students an amazing, fun academic experience so they grow to love learning. Guangzhou is her first teaching position in China. She is originally from Boise, Idaho in the USA. Ivy is also a certified Lifeguard and Swim Instructor and loves any opportunity to play in the water.

Cheryl Xie

EY4 Teaching Assistant

Cheryl joins the founding team at ISA Science City in the position of Early Years Teaching Assistant. Her role in EY4 is to work closely with the homeroom teacher, offering support and assistance and engage with our oldest students to prepare them for Grade 1.  In addition, Cheryl works with the parents, maintaining a safe and stimulating environment for their child throughout his/her learning journey. Cheryl completed Early Childhood Education program at Centennial College in Toronto, Canada. Her career journey began as an registered Early Childhood Educator in the kindergarten section of a public primary school in Toronto. She has substantial experience working with a wide-range of age groups within Toronto District School Board and early care settings. Cheryl enjoys working with older children where she believes this is a period of intellectual growth and they begin to grasp more abstract concepts and be challenged. Cheryl is very excited to a part of a founding member of ISA Science City. The opportunity to work with children through services that will assist their physical, emotional, intellectual development and well-being is a privilege.

Brenda Martin

Primary Principal

Brenda is the founding Primary Years Principal at ISA Science City International School.  She has a significant track record of excellence as an educational leader with over 30 years of experience across a variety of schools. Brenda has worked both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. She has served school communities in positions of significance ranging from Head of Department, Deputy Head of School and Principal. Brenda was awarded a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Auckland University, New Zealand.  Her recently completed accreditation in coaching through Growth Coaching International shows Brenda’s commitment to ongoing learning. Brendan’s other qualifications include a Diploma in the Education Of Students With Special Teaching Needs, a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning, as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Education. Growing people has always been Brenda’s passion.  She strongly believes that education is the key to making this happen.  Throughout her career, and particularly as an educational leader, she has worked tirelessly to build positive, respectful and inclusive learning environments, focused on what students’ need to enable their success.  She has no doubt that strong relationships and effective communication within a school enables partnership across the community to thrive.

Connie Liang

Personal Assistant to Primary Principal

Connie is the Primary Years Principal’s Personal Assistant at ISA Science City International School. As Personal Assistant, she is the first line of contact between the Principal, staff and parents. Connie’s has worked as an Executive Assistant to the CEO of a Hong Kong trading company and a shopping concierge of Changi Airport in Singapore. With high-quality customer service training is committed to providing the highest standard of service to every member of the school, including students and parents. Her experience in a trading company has made her more qualified for school administration. She moved to the education industry with passion and professional knowledge, and looks forward to achieving great success at ISA Science City. Connie loves sports, she enjoys Thai Boxing when not working. She believes that a healthy body ensures all kinds of challenges can be overcome. Her motto is “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Annie Chew

PYP Curriculum Coordinator

Annie is the PYP coordinator at ISA Science City International School. She is from a beautiful town called Kuching in Sarawak, East Malaysia. She has a Masters Degree in Education Curriculum and Instructional Design. Annie started her IB PYP journey 15 years ago at Kazakhstan International School, Almaty, Kazakhstan. In 2011, she moved to a PYP Coordinator’s role at a bilingual international school in Beijing. She has helped two schools through the IB PYP authorization process. Annie is a certified IB PYP workshop leader, school visiting member, school visiting team leader, and school consultant of International Baccalaureate Educators (IBEN). Annie agrees with John Dewey, who said, “I believe finally, that education must be conceived as a continuing reconstruction of experience; that the process and the goal of education are one and the same thing.” Ms. Annie believes in equipping and empowering groups of resilient students with meaningful and authentic learning experiences, hence preparing them to face the future unknown world with success. Annie speaks Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin, and several dialects including Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka, and a little bit of Russian. Being multilingual has helped Annie to adapt quickly to any new environment.

Maria Lesix

G1 Homeroom Teacher

Maria is a Primary Years Homeroom Teacher at ISA Science City International School, working in Grade 1. She is entering her 16th year as an educator as she joins the ISASC community. She received her MAed degree from the University of ChGU, Russia with specialization in Psycholinguistics and Language and Literature and a Candidate of MA in coaching. She spent the previous 15 years in Beijing providing excellent care and exciting learning engagements to children ranging from toddlers to teenagers in several tier 1 International Schools. These include The British School of Beijing, Canadian International School of Beijing and Western Academy of Beijing. Maria comes with a range of experiences with all age groups (K-12) and is excited to enter this new role as Grade 1 Homeroom teacher.

Sue Zhang

G1 Teaching Assistant

Sue is a teaching assistant at ISA Science City International School, working in Grade 1. She graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai university and acquired her Bachelor’s degree. When Sue was in college she volunteered to work as a Chinese teacher in Cambodia during the internship. She was selected by the China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and taught Chinese in Thailand for one year after graduating. Sue believes that a positive approach towards learning is important. She is focused on creating the most engaging environment that encourages students to do their best. It is often said that teachers learn to teach, but she thinks it is important for teachers to learn too. So, she would like to grow with our students, so students and teachers can make progress together.

Spomenka Dakovic

G2 Homeroom Teacher

Spomenka joins ISA Science City International School as a Primary Years Homeroom teacher. She is an Australian educator with a Croatian background. Spomenka has over 25 years of experience in education. She has taught in primary and secondary schools in Australia, Europe and for the past six years in China, namely in Xi’an and Suzhou. Spomenka is very excited to be teaching Grade 2A\ at ISA Science City. Her experience in working with students has taught her that a focus on differentiation and inclusion allows students to experience success. She believes that her role as a facilitator of learning and well-being is to build a supportive and positive learning environment in which students are valued and inquiry is welcomed. Although she has taught a variety of curricular throughout her career, she is most passionate about the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program and has recent experience guiding her students through the PYP Exhibition. Spomenka studied in Australian universities and earned a Bachelor of Education, Master of Education in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages and Master of Education in Leadership and Administration.

Jacob van Dyk

G2 Homeroom Teacher

Jacob joins ISA Science City International School as a Primary Years Homeroom teacher. He is originally from South Africa; however, he has spent the past 12 years living and teaching in South Korea, where he met his wife. He graduated in 2005 with a BA in Psychology and Sport Science from the North West University. Jacob taught in South Korea for five years until 2013 and returned to South Africa to pursue his PGCE qualification. He graduated with Honours in 2014. He then returned to South Korea to continue teaching. Jacob believes in being a life-long learner and went on to complete his Master’s in Education, with a focus on International Education at the University of Bath. He graduated in 2019. Jacob’s educational philosophy is based on “The Circle of Courage” which is based on the four universal human needs – Belonging, Mastery, Independence, and Generosity. This philosophy closely mirrors the principles of the IB programme and by incorporating these four principles in his classroom, one can have an effective learning environment. Jacob wants his classroom to be a space where students feel safe to make mistakes and where they take ownership of their learning.

Aimee Huang

G2 Teaching Assistant

Aimee is a teaching assistant at ISA Science City International School, working in Grade 2.  She graduated from Shaoguan University with a BA degree in Education. During her college years, she immersed herself in the education sector in various roles; a voluntary teacher, teaching assistant, and tutor.  She has worked in the education industry for more than two years, mainly teaching Early and Primary Years students English. Aimee is passionate about teaching.  She feels a sense of fulfillment with working in education.  She enjoys spending time with students, seeing them progress and enjoys sharing moments of surprise with them. Every child is unique; each has talent.  At ISA Science City, Aimee is excited about discovering and nurturing students’ talents. Aimee believes life-long learning is essential to happiness. She models this in her own life.

Lynn Lin

G2 Teaching Assistant

Lynn is a primary school teaching assistant at ISA Science City International School, working in Grade 2. She graduated from Zhongkai University with a BA degree in English. She passed English major level eight and Business English Certificate. Lynn likes working with students, not only because they are always hunger for knowledge, but also through Inquiry, they can embark on a journey into the unknown. Her previous experience has been in a study abroad consulting company where she learned about the uniqueness of each student. She has also worked in Gymboree as an instructor for Early Years education. Working with younger kids was challenging. However, the eagerness of being not just a teacher but an educator motivated her to study further. She enjoyed learning about child development, how to engage meaningfully with parents and their children and creatively planning class programmes. Here at ISA Science City, she is ready to embark on the journey of inquiry with the students.

Julie-Anne Tuicakau

G3 Homeroom Teacher

Julie-Anne is a Primary Years Homeroom Teacher at ISA Science City International School. She is an educator with eighteen years’ experience teaching primary school children. Julie-Anne has taught in Brisbane, her hometown in Australia, in Hong Kong and Guangzhou.She graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in 1983 and worked in the health industry. Later she completed her Master of Teaching (Primary) at Queensland University of Technology in 2001 and began her primary teaching career. In 2016, Julie-Anne obtained her International English Teacher License and her Certificate IV in TESOL. This allowed Julie-Anne to pursue her goal of teaching English overseas. She is a qualified English Second Language teacher and was employed as a NET (Native English Speaking) teacher in Hong Kong (2016-2018) teaching English in a local school where students first language was Cantonese. As a School Sports Co-Ordinator, Julie-Anne has coached school sport and managed teams including at district level. She believes it is important to volunteer and has taught in a remote village school in Fiji, at a Macao University English program, and ‘Beginner’s English’ lessons to adult refugees in Hong Kong. She has been a regular volunteer at a Social Welfare Institute in Qingyuan, supporting disabled abandoned children and visiting elderly patients.

Harper Li

G3 Teaching Assistant

Harper is a teaching assistant at ISA Science City International School, working in Grade 3. She acquired a Master’s degree at the University Of York in the UK, with a major in TESOL (Teaching English to the speaker of other language). Her educational and overseas study has provided academic support for her career. Harper prioritises relationships; students, families and colleagues. She is passionate about working in the education sector and is committed to international curriculum development. Harper has previously worked as an English teacher for K12 students and was nominated as “Star Teacher of the Year” during the annual regional teaching quality assessment in Guangzhou from the educational institution. Moreover, she has provided peer-evaluation and been appointed by the academic manager as the in-center coordinator for some activities. Harper is enthusiastically cooperates with the homeroom teacher and gives children the best educational experiences possible. Harper is committed to helping students face challenges in our multi-cultural learning environment and enjoys helping students become critical international learners.

Kyle Wong

G4 Homeroom Teacher

Kyle is a Primary Years Homeroom Teacher at ISA Science City International School, working in Grade 4. This will be his seventh year teaching. Before ISA, he taught in America and China, with his last position teaching at an International school in Wuxi. Kyle graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. He has collaborated with other educators all across the world continually sharing ideas about teaching and learning and taking his wealth of knowledge to form best teaching practices to meet the academic and social emotional needs of his students. He is passionate about building resilient learning communities based on academic rigor and mutual respect, knowing that learners can always achieve more in a team. He greatly values the importance of stories and how they can connect us all together and inspire us to become better people. He is excited about being a member of the ISA family and cultivate a culture of excellence. He is passionate about self-improvement and encourages all students to set goals to improve.

Avdoo Nichkawde

G4 Homeroom Teacher

Avdoo is a Primary Years Homeroom Teacher at ISA Science City International School. He has experience working in Australia, China, and South Korea. Before coming to ISASC, Avdoo was the Year 4 PYP Teacher at Utahloy International School, Zengcheng. His experience in both China and Korea has ensured that Avdoo values the importance of language learning and particularly mother-tongue development. Allowing students access to their mother tongue enables them to make connections to any new language. It also aids connections to the values and cultures of others. Avdoo graduated from Macquarie University in Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts with the degree of Bachelor of Education (Primary). He is currently studying a Master of Education in Advanced Teaching Degree from the University of the People. Avdoo is a passionate sports lover and will encourage all students to get involved. Avdoo values a holistic approach to teaching and learning, which is reflected in the learning experiences of his students. The basis of Avdoo’s practice is to ensure that all students feel safe and comfortable in the classroom environment. Once this is achieved, he is able to focus on the academic, physical, social, and emotional aspects of his students.

Jan Deng

G4 Teaching Assistant

Jan is a teaching assistant at ISA Science City International School, working in Grade 4. She graduated from Guangzhou Medical University with a degree in Applied Psychology. She has a great passion in the education field, and desires to use her studies to assist and support the students in the classroom. During her college years, Jan participated in various activities related to education. She worked as a teaching assistant at Education First and spent time supporting the students in their study. She believes positive encouragement is effective in supporting children’s learning.  She praises the student’s effort and celebrates their successes. Jan is looking forward to applying what she has learned into practice with great enthusiasm.  She is an energetic and optimistic person, always treating students with sincerity and care. She celebrates and cultivates each child’s individuality and uniqueness. She believes treating children with kindness is the best way to help children reach their academic potential and develop their socio-emotional learning.  Outside of teaching, Jan loves to climb mountains, appreciating the wonder of nature.

Doris Zhuang

G4 Teaching Assistant

Doris is a teaching assistant at ISA Science City International School, working in Grade 4. She graduated from university with a BA degree in English. Doris is a fresh graduate with one year’s experience as a teaching assistant at another international school. Openness, tolerance and communication are three principles that she thinks need to be kept in mind when working in an international school. She believes that people can always be motivated by what they love and find pleasure in it. Therefore, focusing on cultivating students’ interest in the process of teaching and learning is very important to ensure self-motivated learners. As a teaching assistant, she is focused on establishing a trusting relationship with students. At the same time, she believes we should see and remember the special features of each child and inspire them in the classroom according to their different characteristics. She believes the goal of teaching should be student-centered. In the teaching process, we should pay attention to the interaction between teachers and students to improve students’ self-confidence and independence. Doris is so excited about being at ISA Science City and looks forward to the journey together as a community.

Michael Knott

G5 Homeroom Teacher

Michael is a Primary Years Homeroom Teacher at ISA Science City International School, working in Grade 5. He was born and raised in New Zealand where he acquired a Bachelor of Art in History, Psychology and Educational Psychology, a Post-graduate Degree in Primary Years Teaching and a Post-graduate Certificate in Antarctic Science. He has been teaching overseas for over six years. Michael has spent half a year teaching in rural India, two years teaching in primary schools in South Korea, four years teaching in Beijing and one year in Shenzhen. One of Michael’s amazing experiences was spending a month studying and living with scientists in Antarctica. He enjoys bringing what he learned living in Antarctica into the classroom and using his experiences to educate his students about scientific practices and climate change. Michael believes that Grade 5 is an important for students to prepare for the transition from Primary School to Secondary School. He sees his role as supporting students to achieve their very best, in close collaboration with the teaching staff and parents.

Adam Lajoy

G5 Homeroom Teacher 

Adam joins ISA Science City International School as a Primary Years Homeroom teacher. Most recently, he was a Grade 4 Homeroom teacher at an International school in Malaysia, where he worked for three years. Here, Adam developed a passion for outdoor learning and culturally responsive teaching. He enjoyed building school community through science festivals, Buddy Classes and as the Junior and Senior Badminton Coach. Adam also has teaching experience in Turkey, South Korea and Italy. He has worked with students aged 5 – 18. He believes that each student has talents and abilities that should be developed through choice and variety in learning tasks. Adam studied for five years at the University of Windsor where he completed a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Education. He continues to develop professionally through online learning. In 2020, Adam has completed courses in Experiential Outdoor Education, Adapting Curriculum for Second Language Learners, and Teaching Students with Communication Needs. Teaching and learning are both passions for Adam that he hopes to share with his students. Adam is excited to be a part of the founding team at ISA Science City.

Echo Wen

G5 Teaching Assistant

Echo is a teaching assistant at ISA Science City International School, working in Grade 5. She has worked as a teaching assistant in another international school in Guangzhou for about four years Echo graduated from Guangdong Teachers College of Foreign Languages and Arts, with a major of English Education. She is enjoys working with the students, is passionate about education and eager to learn new things. She has been most impressed by the international school’s unique methods and beliefs of education compared to the traditional education in China, both in theory and practice. Echo has also worked in Administration within a school. She enjoys working in the international environment with people from different parts of the world and is keen to get to know and understand different cultures. Education is a lifelong journey. She strongly believes in what the German philosopher, Lets Bales said, “Education is like a tree shaking another tree, a cloud pushing another cloud, and a soul calling another soul”. She is committed to providing students with a sound development for lifelong learning.

Shadow Guo

G5 Teaching Assistant

Shadow is a teaching assistant at ISA Science City International School, working in Grade 5. She assists the Homeroom Teacher in 5B. Before joining ISA Science City, she attained a BA of English at Hunan International Economic University. Shadow has spent time working at Changsha where she supported students in their studies. She believes that love and warmth are important in order to bond with children so that they can experience the joy of learning. Shadow treats her students with the same respect as her family and hopes they can feel at home in ISA Science City. “Life is happy, study is happy, too.” This is the most important thing that she wants the students to learn. In her free time, Shadow enjoys writing and dancing. She looks forward to be given the opportunity to spread Chinese culture to the world. Shadow is proud of her handwriting and calligraphy abilities, a skill she has developed since she was a child and has improved through years of practice and determination. Shadow sees dancing as a way for her to connect with the world. She has learnt Ballet, Latin, Modern, and even Yoga, all of which helped her understand different ways of thinking and understanding the world around her. Shadow is proud to be part of ISA Science City, collaborative working to build a positive environment and looks forward to supporting its growth.  She looks forward to seeing students that graduate from ISA Science City becoming global citizens.

Yaoyao Zhang

Chinese Language Teacher

Yaoyao is a Chinese Language teacher working across the Early Years and Primary School at ISA Science City International School. Previously she has worked in prestigious international schools in Hong Kong for three years, working with Early and Primary Years. She holds a BA in Chinese Language and Literature in her college (Hons) and a MA in Child and Family Education in The Education University of Hong Kong. She also graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a Postgraduate degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (with Distinction), meanwhile gaining her certificate as an IB PYP educator. She believes that providing a warm, caring and inspiring environment will help the children to explore, think, speak and question as a result of reaching their full potential in Mandarin, and nurturing them as a confident life-long learners. She has a strong passion in teaching Mandarin. She thinks learning Mandarin is not just learning a language itself. It also can be an opportunity for us to provide a positive impact on the multicultural communication and make an effective contribution as global citizens.

Wendy Li

Music Teacher

Wendy is a Specialist Music Teacher, working across Early Years and Primary School at ISA Science City International School. A PhD in Ethnomusicology at University of Otago New Zealand, Wendy has been an educator in music since 1997. Her vast teaching experiences include teaching across the levels to pre-primary, primary, secondary, tertiary and university students at establishments such as public and international schools in Singapore and New Zealand. As a trained music educator and choral conductor, Wendy is grounded in Kodaly and Orff approaches while leaning towards an all-inclusive education, consciously include music of other cultures in her methodology. Wendy believes that every child should be given an equal opportunity in music education while allowing them to practice and improve at individual’s pace. Her strong passion in music, culture and education has brought her on numerous musical adventures across the world: researching music and staging musicals, recitals and performances. Wendy gains a great sense of achievement in helping students realize their full potential and is excited to take on her next challenge. She can’t wait to share her love for music with her students.

Cassie Dong

Music Assistant

Cassie joins ISA Science City International School as a music assistant. She is a keyboard examination preparation coach, and musical accompaniment. Cassie acquired her B.A in Piano Performance at San Francisco Conservatory of Music and received her M.A in Educational Leadership at Santa Clara University. She has been offering keyboard and musicianship instruction for more than seven years and acted as a music examination coach in San Francisco, United States, for five years. Cassie believes in the holistic approach to education and emphasizes the importance of motivation driven learning. It is her mission to offer a productive learning environment where students not only grow in skill and knowledge but also in character.

Karen Li

World Languages Teaching Assistant

Karen is a teaching assistant at ISA Science City International School, working in the World Languages team.  She has a BA in Elementary Education and Language Acquisition.  She has been a language trainer and certified EAL teacher for both Government and International Schools. Karen is a passionate educator who fully believes in the importance of creating a strong growth mindset in each of her students to expand and empower their own learning journeys. Karen specializes in the Acquisition of Reading Comprehension skills which is evident in her love of reading and libraries. Karen brings both the ability to understand the challenges of diverse cultural classroom learning environments as well as a committed attitude towards not just improving her students’ academic abilities but empowering them to be confident and authentic learners in their daily lives at school. Karen truly believes in the power of education and its ability to open opportunities for students across all ages.

James Morris

Secondary Principal

James graduated from the University of Oxford with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts degree, as well as a Post Graduate Certificate of Education from the University of Cambridge. He has a thorough knowledge of the IB and IGCSE curriculum, and has successfully helped students gain admission to the world’s top universities including Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford, Berkeley, Ivy League etc. James has more than 27 years of experience in international education and leadership, including more than 13 years as a senior leader in Shanghai and Xiamen international schools. He was the Co-Principal of Shanghai United International School Xiamen & ITG-SUIS High School Campuses, and Vice-Principal of Yew Chung International School Shanghai, so he has a deep understanding of and practical experience in international education in a multicultural environment. As President of the Shanghai Oxford and Cambridge Alumni Society, James will use his powerful network of educational resources to help ISA schools under the ISA International Education Group connect with the world’s top universities.

Gloria Sun

Personal Assistant to Secondary Principal

Gloria comes from Fujian, a neighboring province of Guangdong. She has studied and worked in Shanghai for the last 10 years and she holds a Masters degree in Marketing from the University of Leicester in UK. Before joining ISA Science City, Gloria served in the Wyndham Hotels Group Greater China office.Her role was Personal Assistant to the Vice President of Business Development. She was also Assistant Manager in charge of BD administration and B2B marketing. Prior to that, she was the Project Coordinator in PICO for the Shanghai Disney theme park project. Gloria is the Personal Assistant to the Secondary Principal at ISA Science City. She provides not only administrative support to the Principal on a daily basis, but also provides services and engagement for all stakeholders, including teachers, students and parents. With her hospitality background, Gloria brings the service spirit and high professional ethics into the workplace at ISA Science City and contributes to delivering the school’s vision to be the acknowledged leader of excellence in international education.

Debbie Tai

World Languages Coordinator

Debbie Tai is an experienced, focused and passionate IB language educational leader who is committed to bilingual education in international school management, authaentic leadership and curriculuma development. Debbie joins ISA Science City having most recently served as the Enhanced Language Program Coordinator at Wesley College in Melbourne Australia. Prior to this, she was the Head of PYP Chinese at Discovery College in Hong Kong, and the Chairperson for Primary Chinese Curriculum Committee at ESF (English Schools Foundation, Hong Kong). Debbie continues to be a highly respected member of the IB Educator Network (IBEN), consulting as an IB workshop leader for teacher training and a Curriculum internationally.

Nicole Billups

MYP Curriculum Coordinator

Nicole is an educational leader with 13 years of experience within K-12 schools. She has served school communities as a teacher and administrator in the United States; as Head of Department at a leading IB School in Dubai; and as Curriculum Coordinator in Beijing. Nicole is enormously passionate about curriculum, she is proficient in leading the IB, Cambridge, and Common Core curriculums. Her niche is curriculum design, professional development, and coaching. Nicole holds a Master’s degree in Sociology. Her undergraduate qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts degree in Childhood Education, as well as in Science, Literature, and Society.

Sean Maj

Sport Coordinator

Sean joins ISA Science City International School as our founding Sport Coordinator, bringing to the school a very strong understanding of sport within Guangzhou, the Greater Bay Area and further abroad. Sean is a graduate of McGill University of Montreal, Canada, where he received his Bachelor of Education in Physical Education and English Literature and played American Football. He has been an Athletic Director, teacher and successful coach of football, basketball and volleyball at several international schools in China, and was most notably one of the founding Athletic Directors of ACAMIS. Sean joins us having worked at our partner school, ISA Tianhe. Prior to this, he worked as Director of Sport at another international school within Guangzhou. Sean has a passion for sport and helping students pursue their dreams of excellence both on and off the sports field, all of which are key elements in the four pillars of sport at ISA Science City.

Coco Chen

Activities Coordinator

Coco is an enthusiastic experiential educator, a community and social-emotional learning facilitator, and a student leadership coach. She has been working in education innovation and international education since 2014, running experiential and social-emotional learning programs in China and Southeast Asia. These programs utilize outdoor expeditions, nature and culture-based explorations, leadership workshops, Global Citizenship conferences, and social innovation-based projects. Coco also has a great passion for promoting education equality and innovation. She run many social impact- based projects in China, Thailand, and Nepal, aiming to empower under-resourced youths to make a change in their local community. In addition to serving as an educational consultant and trainer, Coco has run many Social Emotional Learning & Experiential Education Workshops to international educators.

Patricia Villard

College Counsellor

Patricia Villard is originally from New York City, NY, USA. Ms. Villard joins ISA Science City international school as Guidance Counsellor. Before Joining ISA Science City she developed a University and Guidance Counselling department for a British International school in Wuxi, China. Prior to her years in Wuxi she was responsible for the career and university guidance of students at an American International school in Dubai, UAE. Ms. Villard’s professional experience expands from providing support to adolescents with individual career and university planning to guidance counselling and to supporting international schools with meeting international school standards and benchmarks for pastoral care, health and safety. Ms. Villard earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Georgia State University. She later continued to pursue a post-graduate degree also in the area of Psychology with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Jinju Im

School Counsellor

Jinju joined ISA Science City Internaitonal School as the School Counsellor at the beginning of August. Jinju is a registered counsellor with the ACA. In Australia, she completed her Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy. She had specialised training for supporting young people who had a traumatic childhood from forced immigration and domestic violence. Jinju very much enjoyed bringing positive changes to young people, and decided to continue developing her career working with young people. As a school counsellor, Jinju’s primary role is to promote the mental health of all students. Jinju is very much looking forward to offering support to students and staff in the classroom and through school activities.

Deric Law

Education Technology Coordinator

Deric is from Malaysia and holds a Master of Information Technology (MIT) degree from the Open University in the UK. He has taught for 15 years in many different positions, including IT Director, ICT Coordinator, MYP Design Teacher and IT Coach for different international schools, in countries such as Malaysia, Kazakhstan and China. Deric originally became a teacher because of the influence of his primary school teacher who provided him with the structure and inspiration he needed for learning. Deric is certified by Microsoft Education as the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE), and Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer (MIET). He has also been trained by Apple education as an Apple Professional Learning Specialist (APLS). As an Apple Professional Learning Specialist and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, he works closely with schools to look at how technology can transform, not only the learning in the classroom, but also to highlight the benefits to the teacher and their work.

Graeme Martin

Student Services Coordinator

Graeme is an internationally registered counsellor with the IAC and has been counselling in New Zealand schools for 14 years. Graeme is passionate about supporting young people to set goals, understand choices and outcomes, then achieve to the best of their ability in a school context. He has been involved in career counselling and overseas university applications for the past five years while heading up Student Services at the Internationally respected Auckland Grammar. Registered as a teacher, Graeme’s original teaching subjects were in humanities in which he has a Bachelor of Arts. Graeme has a Masters in Business Administration plus post graduate diplomas in Teaching and Counselling and a certificate in Neuroscience applications to counselling. Through supporting Kickboxing and MMA fighters in recent years, Graeme has been able to further develop his understanding of counselling concepts like ‘resilience’ and working with ‘anxiety’. He has lived and worked in Japan, Singapore, Australia and England.

Dani Marais

Arts Coordinator

Dani hails from Cape Town, South Africa. She studied Drama and English at Rhodes University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours. After university, she worked full time for the South African Schools Festivals of English, Drama and the Arts, and worked for an acting skills lab with performers from disadvantaged communities. She also worked alongside a number of community organisations and ran events such as WordFest: a celebration of books, and the 1st Annual Conference of the Centre for Social Development. In her free time, she created a number of shows which premiered at the Grahamstown National Festival, one of which toured South Africa and ended at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, UK. She completed her teaching qualifications with the University of Nottingham in the UK and is currently reading for her MA in Educational Leadership and Management. She is honoured to be joining ISA Science City as English and Drama teacher, and in the role of Arts Coordinator where she hopes to help build – a programme that will stimulate talent and create community through a wide-range of art programmes for students of all abilities and interests.

Angelica Lu

English Language Acquisition Teacher

After graduating at Jiaotong University in Xi’an, Angelica Lu studied in Singapore and achieved her teaching qualification in Beijing. Angelica always loved the idea of combining her passion for teaching with exploring new and interesting places and pursued a career in international education. Angelica has over 15 years’ teaching experience across Asia. Throughout these years she has taught English as additional language and has been a homeroom teacher to students from early years to secondary. She first taught in Korea International School in Seoul and then she moved to Thailand where she spent six years teaching at The British International School in Phuket and the Saint Andrews International School in Bangkok. The British International School of Guangzhou was her next professional experience, followed by four years spent at ISA International School Tianhe. At ISA Science City, Angelica teaches English Language Acquisition.

Brian Devine

English Language Acquisition Teacher

Brian Devine is an English Language Acquisition teacher from the United States who is thrilled to be joining the founding staff of ISA Science City with his four-year-old son and his wife, Sujin. Sujin is also an ESL teacher. As an educator, Brian loves nothing more than unlocking the intrinsic motivation in students to be inquisitive learners, effective communicators, and global citizens. Fifteen years ago, he started his career as an ESL teacher in South Korea, which inspired him to pursue a Masters in Teaching degree from Seattle University. He had the opportunity to take on the roles of Social Studies teacher in Seattle public schools, Language Arts teacher at Seoul International School and educational administrator at a language academy that he established in 2014. ISA Science City’s four pillars of Academics, Sports, Arts, and Community Service run parallel to Brian’s life philosophy.

Sujin Jung

English Language Acquisition Teacher

Sujin Jung is an English as an Additional Language teacher. She is originally from South Korea, where she earned her Masters in Language Education from Kyunghee University. She has lived in Montreal, Canada where she attended a language programme at McGill University and she has also lived in Seattle, USA, where she earned a CELTA Teaching certification and taught at Washington Academy of Languages. This will be her first experience living in China and she will be accompanied by her husband, who is a Secondary Years ELA teacher at ISASC, and their four-year-old son. She believes strongly in making personal connections with students and fostering an inclusive environment where parents and teachers can work collaboratively to be ambassadors of learning for children. During the past 15 years as an educator she has taught the full age spectrum and she has taken on the roles of Korean teacher, ESL teacher, K-12 substitute, and academy director. Most recently, she was the founder of a language academy in South Korea, which she operated for six years, with an average of 300 students and 25 teachers covering six languages.

Ramya Kurmala

Secondary English Teacher

Ramya Kurmala is an MYP English Language and Literature Teacher at ISA Science City. She speaks English, Hindi, elementary Chinese (Mandarin), and beginner Japanese. Ramya is from an Indian ethnic background and grew up in both Singapore and Australia. She is excited to bring her rich multicultural experiences into the ISA Science City school community. Ramya interned in Nanjing in 2016, which was her first visit to China. Ramya has rich experience of a variety of curriculums across both Asian and Western cultural contexts. She has had experience teaching in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Japan to both native English speakers and non-native English speakers within secondary school classrooms. Ramya is looking forward to bringing her experiences of different curriculums, teaching strategies, and cultural understandings into the ISA community. Ramya is also highly passionate about utilising technology in education, specifically within English subject area classrooms.

Andrew Blackstone

Secondary Individuals and Societies Teacher

Andrew has been involved with international schools for 25 years, 20 of which have been developing the Middle Years Programme as a Humanities specialist. He has been Head of Faculty in schools in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and Singapore. He has been engaged with all aspects of MYP implementation and accreditation as well as WASC and IGCSE integration. He has had a great deal of experience adapting the MYP to national, regional and multilingual curricula and have enjoyed developing Interdisciplinary Units and an holistic school approach to subject vertical and horizontal planning and integration. Andrew’s main focus in developing units of study is to adopt the perspective of students and parents to understand how investing time and effort in each lesson will be of actual benefit in their lives. The skills and inquiry based approach is grounded on making learning materials resonate with each student so they can each clearly see the value of their efforts and how their study is directly beneficial to their own lives and aspirations.

James Higson

Secondary Individuals and Society Teacher

James has been a practicing teacher for over eight years, with experience in the Chinese state education system and international schooling systems. He has lived and worked in China for most of his teaching career, being based mainly in Hunan and Guangdong. His experience in China has ranged from English language and literature instruction, teaching history and geography, and preparing students for the Gao Kao examination. Specialising in humanities subjects, James has lengthy experience teaching Key Stage 3, IGCSE and A Levels; Common Core Standard courses and language exams such as IELTS. James will be a teacher of Individuals and Societies at ISA Science City and his aim is to adapt the MYP to suite the interests of the international student body along with developing and implementing an interdisciplinary-based program that integrates various subjects that students can develop and progress in whilst undertaking Individuals and Societies.

Georgios Avgerakis

Secondary Mathematics Teacher

Georgios completed his Master’s degree in College Education with a specialization in Mathematics from Rowan University, NJ, USA. He has many years’ experience teaching all levels of Mathematics in various educational institutions in secondary and higher education in Greece, the USA, Switzerland, and Mongolia. Georgios started his teaching journey at Cumberland County College in New Jersey back in 1992, teaching Statistics as an intern College Instructor. Georgios is an experienced, focused, and passionate International Baccalaureate educator. He has been involved with the IB Diploma Programme for more than 20 years as a Mathematics teacher, Mathematics examiner and senior examiner, and a team leader for Mathematics Internal Assessment. Georgios joins ISA Science City having recently held the position of MYP/DP Maths teacher and curriculum learning leader for secondary Maths in a premium international school in Mongolia.

Michael Collins

Secondary Mathematics Teacher

Michael Collins went to Dover Grammar School for Boys before embarking on a degree in Economics, Business and Accountancy from Brunel University in the United Kingdom. Upon graduating Michael worked for 10 years in both London and the Middle East in sales and customer relations; predominately in the banking and finance sector. Michael was a founding member of two companies in the Middle East. In 2008, he decided to re-evaluate his career path and retrained in 2012 as a Mathematics teacher, working in both private and state schools for 5 years in the United Kingdom. In his second teaching post, in addition to his responsibilities as a Mathematics teacher, Michael also took on boarding and housemaster responsibilities, along with coaching various sports. It was here that he developed an acute understanding of the benefits of a holistic approach to education. Michael left the UK in 2018 to begin his first international teaching post wherein he accepted a position to teach IB Mathematics at Bali Island school.

John David Van Paauwe

Secondary Science Teacher

John David (JD) van Paauwe is a Physics and Chemistry teacher from New Zealand and joins ISA Science City as the Science Center Coordinator. He earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Auckland, conducting research in new solar technologies. JD has been an educator for the past seven years. Originally a Chemistry teacher, he quickly made the transition to teach Physics where he became the Head of Physics at Avondale College. JD has taught in New Zealand and Australia; however, this is his first experience living and teaching in China. Education has always been a passion for JD, and he considers himself a life-long learner. His teaching philosophy is to learn by doing and connect learning to the real world.

Helen Huang

Science Center Assistant

Helen Huang is the ISA Science City science centre assistant. She graduated from Sun Yat-sen University. Her major was Applied Chemistry. She has more than two years’ experience working in science laboratories. She worked in an analytical chemistry lab and a cosmetics industry lab. She has also worked for fire safety. She hopes to encourage all students to explore science and take an active part in STEM education. This is an important area of development for many countries in the world. She especially hopes to involve girls in the STEM subjects to help bridge the gender-gap.

Juan Jose Zuniga Soto

Visual Art Teacher

Juan Jose Zuniga Soto is a Costa Rican artist and designer, resident in China for 8 years and a global citizen who is most passionate about creativity and aesthetics. Juan has a Postgraduate Degree in Graphic Design and Artistic Education from the Hispano-American University. Juan has worked on 5 continents on a wide variety of projects, including art, fashion and design. He imagines and creates a universe that encourages self-expression and individuality without boundaries or restrictions, resulting in a huge appreciation for details and anything that defines one’s personality and taste. Juan’s work has been featured in both lifestyle and art magazines and he has collaborated on creating one-of-a-kind pieces and projects for several brands including Coca Cola, Bank of America, Vogue Magazine among many others.
Juan is a Visual Arts and Design teacher, a coach and a mentor. He has 4 years’ experience in management, teaching art and coaching students from 3 to 17 years old.

Millie Wang

Visual Art Assistant

Millie graduated from Beijing Normal University with a Bachelor degree in Education and teacher certificate. She now has more than 10 years’ experience in the field of education. Millie started her career teaching English to secondary school students at Number 33 Middle school in Xinjiang. That started a journey later led her to teach year levels from kindergarten and primary, in addition to secondary school, both as main teacher and as teaching assistant. She has also assumed management roles as school supervisor and been part of training programme for Chinese and foreign teachers. She has received training in diverse educational systems, such as Montessori and Waldorf. Millie joined ISA Tianhe International school in 2017 and was involved in both kindergarten and primary school education at the school. Her passion for art has led her to self-study the piano, recorder, ukulele, and has taken part in internal activities and lessons sharing her knowledge. In addition, she has received training in visual arts, specifically in the style of watercolor. At ISA Science City, Millie supports the Visual Art departments in both Primary and Secondary years.

Michael Allen

Music Teacher

Michael Allen is a founding faculty member at ISA Science City as Music teacher. He is originally from Chicago in the USA and has been a music educator in the United States, Haiti, the Philippines, and China. Michael’s China education experience began in Hefei and was most recently in Shanghai. Michael started his career as a professional cellist, and his path led to Orchestral Conducting and Strings Instrument Education. He has been privileged to work with musicians such as Lyle Lovett, Antonio Brico, Claudio Abbado and Harvey Shapiro. Michael completed his Master of Music degree from Northwestern University School of Music in Chicago. He holds a Bachelor of Music and Music Education from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA. He is a professional cellist an and an active chamber musician.

Natasha Riggins

Physical Health Education Teacher

As a founding faculty member of ISASC Natasha is proud to be a part of a team that supports physical growth and development. She has been a health and physical education teacher for 26 years. The last two years of her teaching experience were teaching abroad in China and Thailand. A United States native, she attended the University of Central Oklahoma and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. She continued her education pursuing her Master’s degree in Education Administration at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. She incorporates technology in her classes and implement the latest in teaching strategies. She feels that it is important for students to learn about living healthy lifestyles to maintain a healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy life. Her goal is to teach today’s youth ways to develop and maintain a healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy life through physical literacy. Through her years of teaching she realized that health is a major issue in every society.

Joe Liang

Physical Health Education Assistant

Joe Liang is from Foshan, Guangdong. Joe will be the Physical and Health Education department assistant.

Joe is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, English.

Joe was a member of the Foshan Sharks rugby team which trained for 2-3 hours every day.

This was where Joe learned to understand the importance of working in a team.

Alvin Chen

Chinese Language Teacher

Alvin Chen was born in the northeast of China. He has a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Pedagogy. He can communicate in Mandarin, Thai and English. Alvin has been working for 7 years as a Chinese language teacher, 3 of those years in Thailand. He was awarded most Excellent Chinese Teacher and Excellent Management Team Member certificate by the Han Ban and Confucius Institutes. Since his return to Guangzhou, he has been teaching International Baccalaureate Chinese Language and Literature for 4 years. Alvin has been continuously improving his teaching by participating in IB official workshops and Chinese teaching and learning conferences.

Serena Zheng

Chinese Language Teacher

Serena is a Chinese teacher with 8 years of experience within K-10 schools. She worked at the ISA Tianhe campus for more than five years. Prior to this, she was a Chinese teacher at Top10 Bilingual School in Thailand. Serena earned her Bachelor’s degree from Normal University, and she is working on her Master’s Degree from the People’s University. In her current role as a Chinese teacher at ISA Science City, she encourages students to become aware of how they learn through reflection and self-evaluation. In her teaching practice, she guides students to become more self-disciplined in their learning and collaborate with their peers in order to incorporate ATL skills and objectives when planning units of work. As an educator, she includes spiritual growth and personal development into her teaching practice. During these eight years of teaching experience, she has actively participated in international workshops and shared her teaching experiences with her peers. She has participated and presented at several conferences including the ACAMIS Chinese Conference Global Education Forum, and The Second Innovative Chinese Teaching Conference and many others.

Kyoung Ae Kim

Korean Teacher

Kim Kyoung Ae is a Korean teacher from South Korea. She has been teaching Korean since 1999. She passed the National Public Teacher Recruitment Examination in 1999 which is essential in becoming a public-school teacher in Korea. She received First Grade Certificate of Korean Language teacher in 2003. Recently, she taught Korean at ISA Tianhe for the last four years. Kim is currently in charge of teaching Korean as a mother tongue and supporting the Korean community. She has helped Korean students who want to return to Korea to study to enter top Koran universities.

Garry James

Deputy Head of Boarding

Garry joins ISA Science City with a vast wealth of experience in boarding, having held a number of senior boarding positions in leading boarding schools in England, United Kingdom. He also joins us having recently held the position of Founding Head of Boarding at a premium International School in the United Arab Emirates. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in education, along with being a passionate teacher of Physical Health Education and sports coach.

Sharon Govender

Library Services Coordinator

Sharon Govender is ISA Science City’s Library Services Coordinator. She is a passionate information professional with 30 years’ library sector experience. She is proudly South African, hailing from two of the most beautiful cities namely, Durban (17 years) and Cape Town (10 years). Sharon is highly driven and thrives on new challenges. She has earned numerous library achievements and awards in this field. She is always looking for innovative ways to ensure the library services remains relevant and exciting. Sharon joins ISA Science City having worked most recently in Kuwait (Middle East) as the Head of Library Services. She maintains superb knowledge of the library and information sector and remains on the forefront of new and innovative library trends.

Toni Tang

Library Assistant

Toni Tang joins ISA Science City as a Library Assistant. In 2014 she graduated from Zhaoqing University with a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Educational English. She started her career working in an International Early Years Education Center in Guangdong, giving English lessons to preschool-age children. In July 2015 she joined Royal Caribbean International Cruise Company, the world’s second-biggest cruise operator, and served as a Youth Staff in the Kids Club onboard. She was in charge of managing a large variety of age-appropriate and fun activities in order to entertain the young guests aged 6 months to 17 years.

Tong Zou

Library Assistant

Tong was born and raised in Jiangxi province. Her role at ISA Science City is Library Assistant. After graduating from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics with a major in Business English, Tong has worked as crew member and youth staff on Royal Caribbean international cruise ships. On the ships she was mainly responsible for organizing games and activities for children of different age groups. The onboard experiences led Tong on her international journey.

Professional Services Team

Lyn Yu

Executive Assistant to Head of School

Lyn is the Executive Assistant to Head of School and she is also one of the founding team members. Beforing joining ISASC, she served as the Learning and Development Manager and Quality Manager in one of the well known International Luxury Hotels in the Greater Bay Area, responsible for monitor and guiding the hotel service team to achieve and maintain the high level luxury service standards. She also won the Group Best Employee Prize in 2019. Lyn is a detail- focused person. In her almost 10 year working experience in hospitality industry, she gained rich experience on customer service, scheduling and corresponding. Reporting directly to Mr. David Edwards, our Head of School, Lyn is committed to contribute her knowledge of luxury service standards to the community and the families. Lyn holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business English from BIT. During her college years, she served as a TA at TPR English school.

Alice Sun

Operations Manager

Alice serves at ISASC as the Operations Manager. Before joining the educational industry, Alice worked as the Customer Service Officer, Chief Account and Human Resources Manager in a renowned company for more than a decade. After that, she took the role of Human Resources Director, Dean of Student, and Operations Director in several international schools. She has acquired two IB leadership certificates regarding IB practices and leadership research. Alice holds two master’s degrees in Economics and International Educational Leadership.

Oscar Li


Oscar joins ISA Science City as a driver, providing safe and punctual transportation services to staff members. He also has the responsibility to plan transportation routes for a wide variety of functions, ranging from the Head of School, HR, Finance, Marketing and Admissions, Operations and any other department that requires ferrying services. The company vehicle is his pride and joy, as he dedicates immaculate attention to its cleanliness, maintenance and servicing records. He has thirteen years of experience working as driver to senior executives with a proud record of being accident-free. Previously, he worked for a public-listed company as a personal driver for a senior director. He also worked in New Zealand as a driver for luxury customised tour groups. Oscar holds both Chinese and international driving licenses. He has a strong interest in automobiles and familiar with the technical specifications of various brands and models. He is also a sports lover, participating in various sport competitions like basketball, football and dragon boat in his free time. Oscar’s laughter is highly infectious, an asset that is held in high regard at ISASC.

Carlos Ye

Bus Coordinator

Carlos Ye joined ISASC in July 2020 as a transportation coordinator. His primary role is to coordinate the work with school and staff buses, Little Buddy private car services, traffic management and all aspects on matters pertaining to transportation health and safety for the school. Trained with a keen eye for traffic efficiency, Carlos is quick and nimble on his feet, ensuring a smooth and fast process for dropping off or picking up a student, while ensuring the safety of all passengers and drivers within our campus. His previous experience with transportation for more than two years include coordinating bus schedules, route management, drivers’ duty rosters, health and safety control and training for all drivers. He graduated from the Beijing Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree. Born and bred in Guangzhou, Carlos knows the locations of all the famous cuisines in this cosmopolitan city and the safest and best way to get there. Carlos is active and outgoing; he loves sports like table tennis and badminton.

Syma Tang

School Shop Officer

Syma joined ISA Science City as a Shop Officer in September 2020 and is responsible for making the school shop a fun and fuss-free experience. She handles all enquiries about the school’s merchandise; from sizing to colours, availability of stock to exciting new products and delivery schedules to payment methods. Syma also looks after the inventory of all items sold at the shop, making sure that all essentials are available to students and staff. Before joining ISA Science City, Syma was a retail sales associate on the Royal Caribbean International Cruise. She has retail experience for products such as custom apparel, fine jewellery, Swiss timepieces, leather accessories, beauty products and accessories. She brings a wealth of retail skills from luxury cruise ships which has evolved from a traditional shop environment to an entertaining shopping experience full of discovery, storytelling and memories for customers. Syma is committed to providing the best customer services, and she is familiar with a global environment with different cultures and needs. Syma graduated from Xi’an International Studies University, majoring in English Education. She loves to learn and is excited over her role in the school as she plays an integral part in making the school shop a vibrant and wonderful space for the community to absorb and exude the brand culture of ISA Science City.

Rainbow Chen

Administrative Coordinator

Rainbow joined ISA Science City as an administrative coordinator in December 2020, taking on the responsibility of all shop operations and providing professional customer service to visitors from the community. Before joining ISA, Rainbow was a front desk assistant at an international school in Guangzhou, where she worked with the senior leadership team for 6 years. Her role included the coordination of school bus service, operating the uniform shop and administrative support for the music department. Rainbow is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. She uses her passion and experience in international educational business to deliver great customer service to the ISASC community.

Warren Wen

Events Coordinator

Warren joins the founding team at ISA Science City in the position of Event Coordinator. He previously worked in five star Hotels as Event Coordinator/Communicator and had went through plenty of big event which mostly related to government and Chambers and Consulates. These experiences built his sense of how to create a great event. Warren enjoys being in an environment of cultural diversity and knowing everyone from different backgrounds. As a creative person who likes to create wonderful moments for everyone, Warren focus on planning and executing events and making sure that every event has a memorable experience for everyone.

Joshua Zeng

Design Coordinator

Joshua joins the founding team of ISA Science City International School as Design Coordinator, aiming to bring to the school high-end and suitable brand presentation through his creativity and experienced skills. Prior to this, Joshua has worked in education industry for more than 2 years due to his interest in education. It is a meaningful period that he had designed a whole VI and UI system for a teaching and training software from the very beginning which helps a lot of students learn and develop their skills. Since he joined ISA Science City, he has constantly worked and learned in the design area. In addition, further understanding the school brand and culture as well as the students and parents is an important part of his role, which helps ISA Science City be presented better. He will continue to focus on design and manage it well so as to help the school community build a special and excellent brand .

Olivia Jiang

Enrolment Consultant

Olivia joins ISA Science City International School as Enrolment Consultant. Prior to this, she has served education company and universities in admission and educational administration. She has worked in UIC (the Beijing Normal University – Hong Kong Baptist University United International College) and CUHK (SZ). Olivia is passionate about the education industry. She is a graduate of the University of Liverpool, UK, where she received her Master’s degree in Management. Her undergraduate degree is in industry design. She obtained a patent in product appearance in her graduation project in undergraduate study, and she is also interested in creative industry. Olivia is passionate about providing students with the all-round admission consultation for ISASC, as well as welcoming students and parents to the ISA Science City International School. In addition, she also hopes to provide assistance for the co-curricular course through her experience in clay handicraft.

Emily Huang

Enrolment Consultant

Emily holds a Bachelor of Translation and Interpreting from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. After graduation, Emily started off as an International Affairs Coordinator and translator at a non-governmental organization in Guangzhou, after which she continued her career as an in-house translator and interpreter in a nationally well-known tourism and resort group in Guangdong. Before joining ISA Science City, Emily worked at ISA International Education Group in the Project Development Department as well as the Education Management Department. Here she made contributions with her language skills and learned a lot about how international education operates at a group level. ISA Science City’s commitment to excellence and its multicultural environment are what drew her to join this community. This will be her first year working at one of the ISA schools and she is very excited to begin the year with our wonderful students and staff. She is also very much looking forward to meeting with our prospective students and families and helping with the school-family communication as a bridge connecting both Chinese and English speakers.

Tracy Li

Relocation Specialist

Tracy Li is the Relocation Specialist at ISA Science City International School. She joined us recently after spending seven years as an Executive Assistant to VP of Anta China Corporation in Fujian Province. Tracy brings her experience into the very important work of finding outstanding accommodation for our foreign staff. This is a job that requires tough negotiation skills and the ability to understand cross-cultural matters. Tracy has a bachelor’s degree in Business English from the Wuhan University of Technology Huaxia College. She is a regular volunteer in the animal welfare organization in Fujian.

Treecy Chen

HR Generalist

Treecy Chen works as a Human Resources Generalist at ISA Science City with years of experience in this profession, specialising in compensation & benefits. In her previous role as human resources assistant with TLC International School, she was responsible for assisting the department in documentation of staff personal records, payroll preparation, staff welfare and the provision of support services to foreign faculty members. Her study at Australia Federation University, previous experience and excellent communication skills allow her to perform as a successful HR. She possesses strong interpersonal skills that help to interact well with all members of the school community, senior leadership team and government authorities. Her professional experience in the education industry has made her an approachable team member with strong coordination skills. Treecy has been praised for previous efforts to keep all team members informed and supported and aims to bring this collaborative spirit to ISASC.


Chris Liu

Human Resource Assistant

Chris joined ISA Science City in October 2020. Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in world history and made full use of his vacations during college to travel to different countries during his four years of study.  In addition to his academic pursuits, Chris arrives with multiple internship experiences, including at the International Relations Office of Lingnan College, Sun Yat-sen University and Clover Youth – a local charity project aiming to provide greater equality in education. His experiences of both study and travel helped him develop a great appreciation for disparate cultures and he enjoys engaging with people from different backgrounds. He has deep interest in cross culture communication, as demonstrated by his current interest in international education and wishes to develop a career in this field. By working as a Human Resource Assistant, he wants to help contribute toward creating a great working culture where everyone can feel safe, warm, and welcome.

Jenny Wei

Procurement Officer

Jenny joined ISA Science City as a Procurement Officer in June 2020. Her main role is to support the school in ensuring all purchases are aligned with the high expectations of our community. She handles a wide range of duties, from processing contracts to inventory management, logistics to quality control and making sure the school gets what it needs. Her coordination skills with multiple suppliers and projects are amazingly efficient and effective. Jenny graduated from the Guangzhou Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree and has devoted her career to handling procurement for more than four years since graduating. Her previous employer was the Evergrande Group, where she garnered vast experience in purchasing for the real estate, auto parts and hardware industries. She learned a great deal about supplier management and purchasing processes while at the Evergrande Group.

Melody Tang

Procurement Officer

Melody joined ISASC as a procurement officer in November 2020. Her role is to understand the procurement requirements by communicating and coordinating with various departments and conduct daily purchasing processes and paperwork so as to monitor the product quality in line with the school’s procurement standards. She also spends time researching into new purchasing channels and suppliers so that ISASC always has ample sources of supplies. she has taken on an extremely wide spectrum of professional responsibilities as she ensures the community gets what it needs to be an outstanding school. Melody worked in Japanese company  as  purchase specialist. With eight years in this role, she was responsible for all purchases including capital expenditure and  managing procurement processes in terms of compliance and risk assessment, make sure all the procurement to be highly cost-effective.

Brian Li

IT Manager

Brian joins the founding team of ISA Science City as IT Manager. He is responsible for the basic construction of the school’s IT network system, including wired and wireless network security, telephone system, server and notebook system deployment, iPad App management as well as the construction of monitoring and access control system. Before joining ISA Science City, Brian served as IT manager at English First. He has 13 years of IT management experience. During this time, he was responsible for IT system construction, maintenance, training and beyond at more than 40 EF schools in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Changsha, Fuzhou, and Xi’an. Brian, as a core member of the EF China IT team, worked very closely with Global IT located in the Swedish headquarter on the design and deployment of EF’s global IT system.

Jacob Zhang

IT Technician

Jacob Zhang is our IT technician at ISA Science City. He is responsible for providing high-quality onsite IT support services for our community. His role includes devices installation not limited to computer, laptop, educational software, printers, Smartboards and other education-based technology. He is also playing an important role to ensure our IT infrastructure is running without interruption.  Jacob has excellent track records of offering high quality IT training and services through his prior role at LG. At LG, he provides professional development for staff worldwide with cloud computer and OA system. He also involved in maintaining a good customer relationship with Apple and Huawei.

Wendy Zhang

Assistant Finance Manager

Wendy Zhang is the Assistant finance manager at ISASC. She has many years working experience in international schools. She graduated from JiNan University and is responsible for the completion and maintenance of general ledgers and managing the total accounting operations. She assists the Head of Finance to conduct periodic financial analyses and statistical studies, as well as conducts review of contract, invoice and expenses report to ensure the accounting activities are in accordance with the legal, regulatory, school policies and procedures. She communicates with relevant departments the implementation of financial departmental goals, standards, policies and procedures.