Established by the ISA International Education Fund and the International Education Team, ISA International Education Group (ISAIEG) is an educational organisation which aims to develop educational business in the Asia-Pacific region. With the development of high-quality K-12 international and foreign languages schools as its focus, ISAIEG also develops education-related industries. These include professional learning, online learning platforms, overseas exchange programmes, language learning centres, and outdoor education services.


The ISA International Education Group has adopted the IB curriculum. This framework integrates the characteristics of English language curriculum and traditional Chinese culture. To deliver this curriculum, ISA will select highly professional heads of school, teachers and support staff to establish outstanding school teams. The design of world class school facilities are informed by, and tailored to meet our ISA curriculum requirements. It will provide students with a “global village-style” educational environment to nurture cross-cultural understanding, cultivate inquiry-based learning, and foster lifelong learners. ISA students become confident, multiliterate, and independent young women and men who can face the challenges of an increasingly complex world.